Mother Dairy evokes fond food memories in its latest campaign

#KhushbooApnepanKi campaign introduced for Mother Dairy Ghee

Mother Dairy
The new campaign, targeted at consumers across Delhi NCR, will be showcased on multiple platforms including print, radio, outdoor and digital media. Photo - Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy, the country’s leading milk, and milk products major, has rolled out a new campaign – #KhushbooApnepanKi – focusing on Mother Dairy Ghee. The newly introduced campaign is aimed at evoking nostalgia and stimulate togetherness this winter season. The campaign strives to take consumers down the memory lane, reminiscing fondly of their favorite dishes cooked by their near and dear ones with loads of love, especially using Ghee as an ingredient. The three-month-long campaign will be showcased across print, digital, radio, and outdoor mediums and is targeted to create awareness and enhance brand affinity for Mother Dairy Ghee amongst its consumers in Delhi NCR while creating a distinct value proposition.

Mother Dairy has chosen its Ghee as the protagonist in the campaign, highlighting an essential and defining characteristic trait of high-quality Ghee, that is, its ‘aroma’. The new campaign’s central idea revolves around the distinct aroma of food that is prepared with pure and quality Ghee, which provides a sensory stimulus and triggers warm and endearing memories of home and the loved ones. The articulation of this three-month-long campaign – #KhushbooApnepanKi is a testament to those fond food memories from one’s life.

Talking about the new campaign, Sanjay Sharma, business head – Dairy Products, Mother Dairy, said, “Mother Dairy, a caregiver brand is known for stimulating togetherness, the brand bonds people over good food. It is often said that the taste and aroma of the food prepared with Ghee triggers fond associations and memories. For instance, things like the nostalgia of maa ke haath ka bane khane ki khushboo often overwhelms us emotionally. In today’s scenario, we yearn for these memories of the sweet and simpler times with our loved ones. Our campaign idea, ‘Mother Dairy Ghee, Khushboo Apnepan Ki’, was thus derived from the amalgamation of this consumer insight and our overall brand idea – Mother Dairy, Rishton ka Swad Badhaye.

The articulation of the overall positioning proposition of Mother Dairy’s value-added dairy products portfolio – ‘Rishton Ka Swad Badhaye’ – is a testament to Mother Dairy’s dairy products offer you the quintessential delightful refreshing taste that prolongs the time spent with friends and loved ones. It revolves around the central thought of good food has a profound effect on people and highlights that there is a caring and comforting thing about food that makes spending time with family and friends much more unique and endearing. Mother Dairy strives to bring these values to its consumers through its range of healthy & delightful dairy products.

Sharma added that the Ghee category has always been our strategic focus as it is traditionally linked to our food habits and is accepted across generations. In addition, with the festivities around and winters gradually setting-in, ghee consumption increases across markets. To take this cue of our overall positioning ahead, we wanted to strengthen further the intrinsic bond of relationships coupled with food across our product categories, hence, we opted to execute the campaign for such a category at this point. We intend to build a distinct proposition for Mother Dairy Ghee through our new campaign, dial up the brand trust and core proposition at a deeper level to engage our consumers in Delhi NCR.

Mother Dairy Ghee is pure, rich in vitamin A and is entirely harmful trans-fat free, which means it has no industrial trans-fat, which causes harmful effects to the body. It is made up of short-chain fatty acids. These short-chain length of fats in foods affects their intestinal absorption, and thus the absorption of Ghee in the body becomes easy. Mother Dairy Ghee, in moderation, along with physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle, can be beneficial. Mother Dairy Ghee is available across 12,000 outlets in Delhi NCR.


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