GEA to showcase its technology strengths at Fi Europe 2019

Featuring GEA liquid nitrogen freezer & spray dryer

GEA will showcase its technology strengths in food processing and safety at Fi Europe 2019 (pic courtesy GEA)

GEA announced that it will showcase its solutions for the manufacture of food and dairy ingredients, freeze-dried foods and instant coffee at booth 6F141 in hall H6 at food ingredients, Fi Europe, a trade show in Paris, France from 3 to 5 December 2019.

GEA experts will be on hand to cover key topics such as hygienic design, product quality, plant efficiency and safety, and how best to achieve the highest quality product results. From standalone equipment to integrated solutions, GEA focuses on solutions that maximize plant flexibility and overall efficiency, while ensuring repeatable processing and high product quality.

Christian Rolf Jacobsen, vice president, GEA said, “Fi Europe is a key event for GEA. We have extensive experience in the food ingredients sector with a significant number of plants installed for processing and drying of ingredients products. It’s a valuable opportunity for us to come together with our customers and discuss their needs and requirements directly. These discussions shape our offering, so every opportunity to engage with them is of paramount importance.”

This year, equipment featured at the booth will include a newly developed GEA liquid nitrogen freezer pilot plant and GEA’s trusted Mobile Minor R&D spray dryer.

GEA liquid nitrogen freezer

At the booth, visitors will be able to explore GEA’s newly developed liquid nitrogen freezer pilot plant. According to GEA, they are designed for extremely fast freezing. The system claims to optimize the production process and throughput and ensure the ideal conditions for downstream lyophilization of fermentation-derived ingredients. With the nitrogen freezer pilot plant, customers can rent a unit for small-scale testing at their location before investing in a full-scale industrial plant. Bacterial cultures decay rapidly after fermentation, therefore having the ability to freeze rapidly and conduct tests onsite next to the fermentation line is very advantageous.

GEA spray dryer

The other featured will be GEA’s trusted Mobile Minor R&D spray dryer,  designed to produce small-volume powder samples that can be scaled up to production volumes with the highest levels of accuracy. According to GEA, this flexible and easy-to-handle spray dryer has become a benchmark system in the R&D departments of many leading manufacturers, independent research institutes and universities worldwide. Its inclusion on the stand will allow visitors to fully understand the processes involved and how working closely with GEA can help to achieve strategic objectives with greater speed and efficiency. A clear advantage of the spray dryer is its full scalability to industrial conditions, for which GEA has a strong portfolio of solutions.

A live presentation by Henrik Stillhoff Nielsen, Drying Specialist at GEA will also take place at the event. He will provide insights into different process technologies for drying diverse fruits, including apples, berries, and tomatoes. The freeze-drying of fruit and the spray drying of fruit purées and juices, as well as the encapsulation of natural fruit flavors, will also be covered. The seminar will take place in the Expo FoodTec Hub in hall 7 on Wednesday, 4 December 2019, from 11:15 to 11:45. Attendees are encouraged to visit GEA at booth 6F141 in Hall H6, either before or after the presentation, where the Mobile Minor R&D spray dryer can be viewed in person.


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