Blue Tribe introduces plant-based chicken and mutton patties

The patties are available on online eCommerce platforms

Blue Tribe
Blue Tribe’s plant-based mutton patties. Photo credit: Bribe Tribe

Blue Tribe, India’s leading food-tech company, has been working towards providing hardcore meat-eaters with plant-based meat with two newly launched nutritious plant-based alternatives for chicken and mutton patties. People can buy these juicy, tender, and wholesome products at Rs 175 and Rs 275 each for chicken and mutton patties. These juicy plant-based meat products are to be made available from June 2022.

Customers can buy these environment-friendly chicken and mutton patties through an online portal or consumer shops. These plant-based chicken and mutton patties are available on various online platforms like the official website of Blue Tribe, the eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Nature’s Basket, Swiggy Instamart, and many other leading offline food marts.

These eco-friendly and wholesome food products are not expensive and are better food choices. Plant-based chicken and mutton patties of 160 grams cost Rs 195 and Rs 275, respectively. Meat consumption harms the planet and humans for many reasons like greenhouse contributions, forested land converted to pastures, and antibiotics on animals.

Blue Tribe has come up with the meat’s substitute ideas

A proper mix of quality ingredients like soy protein and natural spices with a combination of plant fibers is used to make the plant-based chicken and mutton patties. Blue Tribe has created a copy of the traditional animal-based meat with the exact taste and feels by implementing food science technology with a greener twist. This results in zero cholesterol, high nutrition and protein food.

According to Sohil Wazir, chief customer officer of Blue Tribe, consumers are looking to change their lifestyles by opting for healthy and eco-friendly food products. However, it is difficult for meat lovers to abandon animal-based meat and shift immediately to a vegetarian diet. The meat’s juicy texture with soft exterior makes it hard to forgo it. To make consumers aware of the benefits of an eco-friendly environment and lifestyle, Blue Tribe has come up with tasty plant-based meat products.

Awareness of plant-based diets

Even though animal meat and dairy products are being consumed on a large scale, they are harmful to the environment in the long run. Hence, Blue Tribe has been trying to create the same taste and nutrient values through plant-based foods. Even though it is similar in looks and taste, it is better for the environment. Meat-eating consumers can also not distinguish between these foods as they feel and cook like traditional meat.

Plant-based food is taking over the meat markets in India, which may help create a much better sustainable food chain and planet for us. According to multiple sources, the worldwide plant-based meat market was worth US$ 5.06 billion in 2021. Between 2022 and 2030, the industry is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate of 19.3%. 

The growing consumer awareness about the benefits to the climate and shifting to a plant-based healthy diet is gaining importance. The plant-based products are already available in the west, while Indian consumers are just becoming aware of its health benefits and have started purchasing them.


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