Unwrap confectionery success with Corbion

Portfolio of solutions to balance candies must-haves

Corbions' range of solutions helps to balance manufacturers' candies must hvaes including flavor and texture. Photo - Corbion

In today’s confectionery market, candy lovers follow flavors and textures more than anything. Even the most renowned manufacturers can’t afford to rest on brand loyalty; they know that “he who innovates best wins.” Innovating best, however, means combining all the right attributes effectively.

Amsterdam headquartered Corbion has been helping confectioners create high-quality sweets for almost a century and claims to have built a portfolio of solutions to help manufacturers create some of the world’s most successful and iconic food products.

Founded in 1919, Corbion is a global market leader in lactic acid and its derivatives, and a leading supplier of emulsifiers, functional enzyme blends, minerals, vitamins, and algae ingredients. The company uses its 100 years old expertise in fermentation and other processes to deliver sustainable solutions for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Corbion has sales offices all across the world, including India, in Navi Mumbai.

Corbion fine-tunes the elements of candy concept

Striking the best note of good sourness — one that releases quickly but lasts long — is just one of the keys to creating confectionery hit. Texture, too, can either win or lose your target consumer. No one wants their candy to stick to the wrapper or their teeth, so stability is essential, even when transport and storage conditions are less than ideal. Mineral fortification might broaden the appeal of a product, but it adds another layer to the formulation challenge.

As a leading supplier to the confectionery industry, Corbion offers innovative solutions for both sourness and stability in hard sugar and soft sugar confectionery. Corbion’s formulation expertise and natural confectionery solutions claim to create the desired balance of these and other attributes. The portfolio of solutions include:

  • Acids and buffers help to achieve an immediate but long-lasting sour flavor while avoiding stickiness from sugar inversion. Corbion’s PURAC range of lactic acid and acid blends helps to reduce the effects of sugar inversion in the continuous depositing process by buffering to a specific pH. The result is enhanced product stability and optimum sourness.
  • Acid powders keep sour-sanded candies dry and protect their beautiful appearance. Corbions lactic acid powders, PURAC powder 55 and PURAC powder 60, offer low moisture absorption to protect against stickiness, and low acid migration to prevent loss of sourness.
  • Calcium lactate and other highly soluble, flavor-neutral mineral lactates and gluconates that give confectionery a nutrition advantage.

Corbion claims to have the expertise, ingredient solutions, and time-saving formulation calculators that can offer its customers what they need to create a sensation in their target markets.


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