MDH’s in-house packaging production  

Good packaging delivers quality products to customer  

MDH in-house production with Valco Melton's machine. Photo IFB

MDH’s spice processing and packaging operation include in-house milling and grinding of spices and packaging production to maintain consistency, freshness and to prevent any type of tampering or counterfeiting. As part of its in-house packaging operations, it uses machines. For this, it has acquired many carton packaging machines from equipment manufacturers such as Hitachi, KGK, Videojet, Domino, Pakona, Xprt and Valco Melton. However, over the years for glueing and sealing its cartons, the company has installed more than 45 Valco Melton machines across all its plants.  

MDH’s purchase manager says that the company has confidence in Valco Melton’s equipment. “Valco Melton provides easy to handle machines with their speedy servicing and repairing  of any problem so that the workers can work quickly and efficiently.”  

Valco Melton is specialized in the design and manufacture of adhesive dispensing and quality assurance equipment for end of line packaging with their user-friendly keypad or touch screen pattern controllers. Valco melton’s quality assurance systems prevent defective products from reaching the customers. With good production speed and accuracy, Valco melton helps augment the carton packaging production of MDH. These are used in the primary cartons for products such as spices and for shipping corrugated cartons where gluing has become the preferred method both for constructing cartons and for sealing them.  

Some questions have been asked from MDH a Valco Melton customer.

When did you start using Valco Melton gluing unit?  

We’ve had a long relationship with Valco Melton, having purchased our first machine in 2014. We’ve been pleased with the performance and assistance provided by the Valco Melton team. It’s been an incredible journey since then.

What are the features that you are most impressed with?  

We are quite pleased with its user-friendly interface, which allows anyone who can use a smart/mobile phone to run the VM controller. Its robust design, minimal maintenance, and excellent output have wowed us. 

Do you suggest any improvements?  

We purchased Valco Melton glueing equipment with sophisticated features to meet our needs; we haven’t had any difficulties in all these years, but as previously said, the Valco Melton team is always there to assist us.

Would you recommend it to others?  

Yes, if you’re searching for an excellent and reliable adhesive dispensing and quality assurance system, Valco Melton is the place to go.


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