Keventers launches iced beverages for summers

A new category of fizzy drinks expanding their portfolio

Aam Panna, Kala Khatta, Spiced Chai, Classic Lemon Iced Tea, and Peach Iced Tea are the varients.

Keventers, a 97-year-old Indian dairy brand known for its milkshakes and ice creams, is set to expand its product portfolio by launching a new category this summer, iced beverages, in five variants — Aam Panna, Kala Khatta, Spiced Chai, Classic Lemon Iced Tea, and Peach Iced Tea. This launch is a part of the brand’s ‘Coolest Summer Campaign’ to meet the demand for summer drinks.

The iced beverages range includes perennial Indian favorites such as Aam Panna and Kala Khatta – both of which feature a balance of sweet and tangy notes, suitable for the Indian palate. A tribute to those ‘feel good’ moments in life, these iced beverages offer familiar flavors from age-old recipes, packaged in a fizzy format. The brand’s tagline of ‘It’s a whole lotta fizz and a whole lotta fun’ in all five variants are antidotes for the heat of an Indian summer. Other flavors include Spiced Chai for tea lovers with a cool and spicy twist. In the list of summer essentials, there is classic Lemon Iced Tea and Peach Iced Tea.

A take on some of the favorite summer drinks, they are aesthetically packaged for a contemporary feel. As part of the rapidly expanding portfolio, these newly launched beverages will be available for consumption in selected Keventers outlets across India. The products start at Rs.159 and will be available in regular and medium-sized Keventers bottles.

Speaking on the new product launch, Agastya Dalmia, founder, and chief executive officer, Keventers said, “Our product portfolio has expanded across the past few years to reflect contemporary trends. Our focus has been on identifying consumer preferences and bringing an innovative approach to our products. Nostalgia has always been a strong premise for our brand approach, and this time we brought a very unique and inherently Indian aspect to our product development. Fizzy drinks are a large category in India, and we have attempted to bring a disruptive approach to it by introducing familiar and favorite Indian flavors in refreshing packaging.”


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