Bikano launches multigrain chips in Chatak Masala and Tangy Tomato flavors

A healthier alternative to the conventional potato chips

Treatos Masala

Even as the whiff of the festive season still lingers strong in the air, India’s leading FMCG foods company Bikano has launched two variants of multigrain chips for health-conscious food lovers and patrons. Fresh on the heels of coming out with a flurry of gift hampers for the recent Diwali dhamaka, India’s most loved food company has kept the celebratory spirits’ high’ with this launch.

Under the brand name Treatos – an apt moniker signifying giving oneself a treat – Bikano has positioned the multigrain products, named Chatak Masala and Tangy Tomato, as a healthier alternative to the conventional potato chips. Bringing together the goodness of an assortment of grains, including rice, wheat, corn, and pulses, the brand aims to give the food lovers the sheer joy of savoring the crispiness and crunchiness of the taste of regular potato chips while also taking care of their nutritional requirements.

In terms of pure taste, whereas Chatak Masala caters to the taste of those with a craving for the hot, spicy, and the peppery, Tangy Tomato is a tomato-based sharp-flavored mouth-watering offering for those with a palate for the piquant who often like their taste buds to be challenged and excited.

Mindful of customers’ sensitivities, at the same time, the products have been launched at relatively modest price points. Both the product variants have been launched at a convenient price point of Rs 5 only.

“With more and more people increasingly becoming health conscious and wanting to opt for healthy and nutritious snacks, there has been a latent demand for healthy snack products which could be similar in taste and texture to the widely popular potato chips. We wanted to meet that demand by coming up with these two multigrain chips products. While Chatak Masala is a classic spicy savory in a healthy form, Tangy Tomato again offers a nutritious alternative to traditional potato chips,” explained Manish Agarwal, director Bikano.

“Although Diwali has ended, the festive season continues right through to the end of this year. We wanted to participate in the prolonged celebrations by launching new products. What better than offering new products of healthy multigrain chips for our consumers,” further explained Agarwal.

The two products are available through Bikano’s wide network of retail and modern trade outlets both within the country and outside.

Established back in 1950, Bikano is one of the foremost packaged snack brands in the country. Tapping traditionally rich Indian culinary heritage and by way of its unique and signature offerings, it has come to occupy a permanent presence among consumers. What began as “Bikaner Namkeen Bhandar,” a modest tuck shop in Chandni Chowk, has turned into a massive sweet and savory brand.

The company has a presence in over 35 countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. Within the country, too, through a well-established distribution network, it maintains its presence at Retail, Modern trade, National and International Stores, Airports, Railways, Government Stores, Military and Police Canteens and Institutions.

Today, Bikano boasts of five major production facilities across New Delhi, Greater Noida, and Rai. Deploying technology to the fullest, Bikano products are packed under ambient conditions through an application called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Bikano has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 by UL India Ltd while also being recognized as a HACCP and SQF 2000 CM-certified organization. Its quality standards are also in accord with the FDA’s and Australia’s and New Zealand’s regulations. With a rise in demand for ready-to-eat food, Bikano has also ventured into the RTE segment.


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