Bonn Group introduces a range of cupcakes and bar cakes in many variants

Rise in demand for comfort food during Covid-19 times

Bonn mixfruit eggless cup cake. Comfort foods have been winning over the customers for their long shelf life and relatively low cost during uncertain times of Covid-19

With cakes and other bakery products, one of the most selling food segments in India during the coronavirus pandemic, leading FMCG player, Ludhiana-based Bonn Group of Industries, is not left behind in expanding their cake portfolio. The company has unveiled a tasty range of eggless cupcakes and bar cakes in mix fruit, chocolate, and vanilla flavors across the North Indian states of Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

The rise in demand for comfort foods

In India, the cakes market is fragmented and is still growing because of the product variants across flavors, sizes, and packaging. The manufacturers are developing new products at an affordable price to satisfy the needs of the consumers. During uncertain times of Covid-19, comfort foods have been winning over the customers for their long shelf life and relatively low cost.

“The demand for comfort foods like biscuits, bread and cakes have gone up during the lockdown period. The cake is something which is being liked by all the family members irrespective of their age-group. It’s one of the best, easy, and affordable snacks with tea and any other hot beverages. It can be taken as desserts if you have a sugar craving after dinner/lunch. As the restaurants are shut, and people are still not confident about ordering food from outside, consumers turn to comfort food items,” said Amrinder Singh, director, Bonn Group of Industries.

He added, “Moreover, cakes are not only rich in taste but also high on health too. The increasing volumes of cakes in the in-store bakery are significantly observed. This will leverage Bonn’s strategic expansion while assuring the brand remains sustainable and catering to people’s needs in these changing times.”

The bar cakes and cupcakes are available in 150 grams and 25 grams packs worth Rs 30 and Rs 5 respectively. Unlike bread and other bakery products, cakes in India are popular in urban demographics and gaining momentum in the rural setup.


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