Hamdard Labs India enters ‘ready to drink’ segment

Hamdard Laboratories, has launched a fusion of RoohAfza with real fruit juices and milkshake in a convenient ready to drink, Tetrapak format for the Indian market. Photo - Hamdard

Hamdard Laboratories India owns a legacy of more than 100 years and is one of India’s largest and most trustworthy names in the FMCG and food sector. The company is expanding its product portfolio with the launch of ‘ready to drink’ products. The brand is taking its widely loved and recognized RoohAfza into two new extensions – RoohAfza Fusion and RoohAfza Milkshake.

Hamdard enters ready-to-drink segment

Hamdard Laboratories, Foods Division, launched a fusion of RoohAfza with real fruit juices in a convenient, ready-to-drink, Tetrapak format for the Indian market. RoohAfza Fusion promises the refreshing burst of RoohAfza with the fresh taste of fruit juices in five exciting flavors – Luscious Litchi, Refreshing Lemon, Delicious Orange, Exciting Pineapple and Orange, and Juicy Mango. The new RoohAfza Fusion packs promise the double impact of the goodness of RoohAfza and fresh fruit juices, promising health and refreshment with a sensational twist of flavors.

RoohAfza Milkshake

Hamdard is also launching RoohAfza Milkshake, a one-of- its kind product that beautifully brings together the nutritional value of milk with the taste of RoohAfza. Consumed for ages in all households, and a kid’s all-time favorite, RoohAfza Milkshakes promises a double dose of taste, with dairy flavor in an ultra-safe Tetrapak packaging.

Hammad Ahmed, chief mutawalli, Hamdard Laboratories India, commented, “RoohAfza has been a beloved drink of India for generations. Our teams have done a tremendous job of finding an expression of the flavor with tropical Indian fruits. It is a truly magical combination, made with Hamdard’s reputed quality standards, and crafted with passion. RoohAfza has been delighting customers for more than 100 years and we hope our new offerings will continue to delight for many years to come. We have been receiving feedback that an overwhelming number of people drink RoohAfza with milk. So, we took it as a challenge to present the best combination of healthy and quality milk with the unique flavors of RoohAfza, and we are proud of the final product. Those looking for the perfect milkshake need look no more. The Fusion range of RoohAfza with tropical fruits and the RoohAfza Milkshake has been prepared with Hamdard’s blending expertise to present the best ready-to-drink experience. We want our customers to enjoy their favorite drink in these new flavors. ”

Mansoor Ali, chief sales and marketing officer, said, “RoohAfza has occupied prime space in the homes and hearts of millions, and is aptly called “The Drink of India.” To expand the RoohAfza offering, and building bridges with the younger, convenience seeking consumers, we have strategically forayed into the Ready-to-Drink segment. RoohAfza Fusion, as the name suggests, is a delightful mix of RoohAfza and fresh fruit juices in five exciting flavors. RoohAfza Milkshake provides the combination of RoohAfza, milk, and vanilla, to provide for a lip-smacking sensorial delight. These products come to you in the aseptic Tetrapak packaging, ensuring safety and refreshing taste in every sip.”


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