Kanchan Metals introduces conveyor belts for the food industry

A wide range of application-based design & specialized belt selection

Kanchan Metals
Conveyor belts especially for the food industry.

Kanchan Metals, a leading and pioneer company offering food processing machines, has recently introduced various conveyor belts, especially for the food industry. Considering the market scenario and demand, Kanchan Metals decided to launch new conveyor belts in the food processing segment.

Packing conveyor

They have introduced these machines under four major categories like snack food application conveyors, frozen food application conveyors, bakery and confectionary conveyors, and packing section conveyors. Within these four categories, there are different types of conveyor belts like wire mesh belts, positive drive belt with flights or scoop for snack food application, spiral freezer in feed and down take conveyors and spiral conveyor for frozen food, non-stick belt dough ball and automatic belt tracking system conveyor for bakery and confectionary, lastly bucket elevator and horizontal Incline conveyor for packing section.

According to the company, these conveyors have a wide range of application-based design and specialized belt selection, considering the most critical aspects like the nature and stage of the product. The conveyor’s design has a modular construction that offers hygiene and product safety throughout the conveying process.

Screw conveyor

Raghav Gupta, director, Kanchan Metals, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our modern and advanced conveying solutions in the snack food sector in India. We are offering best in class conveying solutions with a variety of belts such as Stainless-steel mesh, PU, PVC and modular type. We also offer bucket elevators to feed products to the packing section. These conveyor belts can easily convey gentle or fragile products and hard products, cartons, and boxes. It also saves a lot of space. Along with that, these conveyor belts can be customized as per the user requirements.”


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