MMS and Bühler partnership to drive the next generation of meat and dairy analogues

The target of provide solutions to reduce waste, energy, and water in its customers’ operations by 50% by 2025

MMS and Bühler
MMS and Bühler innovation partnership to drive the next generation of meat and dairy analog. Photo Bühler

Swiss Bühler and MMS AG in Urdorf, Zurich, announce an innovation and technology partnership to drive the development of high functionality ingredients for sustainable meat and dairy analogs. MMS’s expertise in membrane technology enables the separation of valuable components with superior functionality, sensory, and nutritional benefits. In combination with Bühler’s processing expertise and upstream and downstream technologies for the plant-based protein market, the partnership provides the opportunity to explore the next generation of meat and dairy analogs.

The technology is a differentiating solution particularly in the space of sustainable protein because it allows the separation of valuable components without denaturation or loss of properties of the native ingredients. MMS has a strong track record of solving complex separation and fractionation challenges in the food and biopharma industries. With a highly-skilled team, deep knowledge and experience in dairy processing, and a problem-solving culture, they continuously deliver new, innovative, and highly selective industrial membrane separation solutions. The non-thermal separation and concentration capabilities remove the need for energy-intensive thermal processes and the water used is significantly reduced by recycling. It is therefore beneficial in terms of helping customers achieve their sustainability targets and is fully in line with Bühler’s target of providing solutions to reduce waste, energy, and water in its customers’ operations by 50% by 2025.

Complementary technologies

With its leading capability in technologies for the production of plant-based proteins, Bühler sees many benefits in working with MMS to integrate its technology into the solutions it provides its customers worldwide in the food industry.

MMS has been providing membrane systems and solutions for over 25 years, working with customers in many industries including dairy, food, beverages, biotech, and pharma. It develops and designs membrane processes and successfully implements them on an industrial scale.

“There are many complementarities with multiple business segments where Bühler operates and where MMS’s membrane technology could be a part of downstream processing,” says Roberts. “MMS is highly specialized in this technology step and shares our spirit for problem-solving and innovation. We see them as a powerhouse for multiple applications in the space of liquid-liquid fractionation.”

“By entering the partnership with Bühler, we want to strengthen our position in the sustainable plant-based protein space and widen the use of our technology as an opportunity to bring superior quality ingredients to customers in these sectors,” says George Bou-Habib, MMS chief executive officer.


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