Pansari Group re-launches Oreal edible oils with better packaging and benefits

New Oreal edible oil is entirely cold-pressed and features significant packaging changes, including the use of virgin food grade packing material

Pansari Group
Pansari Group re-launches Oreal edible oil with better packaging and benefits. Photo Pansari

People’s eating habits have been forced to change as a result of the pandemic. People are making significant shifts toward healthier and wiser choices. The growing public concern about the use of hazardous chemicals in agriculture and farming and their negative health effects on consumers has increased the global demand for organic foods. Furthermore, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and infectious disease is encouraging consumers to live a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping the current situation in mind, the Pansari Group is preparing to relaunch Oreal edible oils in new packaging with additional benefits. “We have been the actual manufacturers of organic edible oils for the past forty years. Our stringent testing and quality control ensure that every drop of oil is at its purest. While a thorough machine test is performed, we go one step further with its human testing. Our experts adhere to a strict protocol that includes tests such as smell and foaming. Such inspections assist us in ensuring the quality of our oils,” said Shammi Agarwal, director of Pansari Group.

The journey begins with seed procurement, where the color, moisture, and size are carefully inspected before extraction begins. They then go through a fully automated cold-pressed milling process to extract the oil. This method preserves the maximum nutritional value while retaining the original flavor. Furthermore, the oil is double filtered. Strong checkpoints like these help ensure consistent quality throughout the year. The Pansari Group’s director went on to explain how the re-launched Oreal edible oil differs from the older version.

“The new Oreal edible oil is entirely cold-pressed and features significant packaging changes, including the use of virgin food grade packing material. We now also have a larger label for clear health claims and information and a measurement scale to help the consumer with oil usage. The Pansari Group has also created some bottle changes. The bottle’s mouth has been widened to facilitate oil pouring. Its sides have also been smoothed out to make them less slippery.” The Pansari Group is among the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cooking oils. Oreal edible oil range includes five types of oils and is sold throughout India and abroad.


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