Nestlé and Starbucks unveil a new line-up of Starbucks at-home coffee in the US

New Starbucks Coffees to enjoy at-home and kick-off 2020


Starbucks and Nestlé recently announced the newest products are hitting grocery shelves in 2020, including Cold Brew Concentrate, Fresh Brew Coffee, Starbucks Coffee with Essential Vitamins, Starbucks Coffee with Golden Turmeric, and Starbucks Coffee with 2X the Caffeine. These innovations strengthen the Starbucks at-home coffee portfolio and offer consumers new ways to enjoy Starbucks products at home.

Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate

Introducing a new way to make the cold brew you love with ease, from the comfort of home – Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrates. Just mix with water and ice for a taste that’s smooth and entirely yours. Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrates are available in Signature Black and Caramel Dolce flavors in both multi-serve and single-serve formats.

Starbucks Fresh Brew

Starbucks Fresh Brew pre-portioned airtight packaging is brand new to the market and will transform your at-home coffee experience, the company claims. The airtight seal locks in the peak flavor of our signature ground coffee for a fresh taste every time, which allows you to start fresh, every day. Available in Pike Place Roast, French Roast, and Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Fresh Brew minimizes the work that goes into your morning coffee routine as the grounds are pre-portioned to brew 4-6 cups of the Starbucks coffee our customers love.

Starbucks Coffee with Essential Vitamins, Starbucks Coffee with Golden Turmeric and Starbucks Coffee with 2X the Caffeine

According to a press statement, these new Starbucks coffees make it easy to start the day at your best giving customers the signature taste they know and love, now with just little more than their average cup of coffee. The three blends include:

  • Essential Vitamins – with five B vitamins to help keep your body running at its best. Available in roast and ground, and K-Cup pods
  • Golden Turmeric – with turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon to start your morning off right. Available in roast and ground, and K-Cup® pods
  • 2x Caffeine – twice the caffeine for an added boost (when compared to one Starbucks K-Cup® pod of black coffee). Also available in K-Cup® pods

Available nationwide in grocery stores starting February 2020, these products build upon the portfolio of innovation that has come from the global coffee alliance, formed in August 2018 to create a revolutionary coffee experience for consumers. In 2019 the alliance brought Starbucks Creamers and Starbucks by Nespresso to grocery shelves in the US and expanded the presence of the Starbucks brand in 40 markets.



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