New Perstorp fertilizer solution increases potato yield by up to 22%

Perstorp’s chloride-free potassium source Amicult K42

Amicult K42 was shown to improve potato yield by up to 22% when compared to non-foliar fertilization. Photo by Twitter: @jankolario on Unsplash

New research from the University of Lublin in Poland demonstrates that Perstorp’s chloride-free potassium source Amicult K42 significantly increases potato yield compared to non-foliar fertilization and another potassium source foliar feeding. The results highlight how this new product can make a real impact on profit margins and overall performance.

Research demonstrates a 22% increase in potato yield

Amicult K42 was shown to improve potato yield by up to 22% when compared to non-foliar fertilization. The innovative fertilizer solution was found to improve yield by an average of 17.2% over two years compared to when foliar fertilization was not applied. Compared to potassium sulfate, the most common potassium source for potatoes, Amicult K42 improved yield by a significant 3 to 4%.

The promising new findings are the result of field experiments conducted with potato and foliar fertilization by the University of Lublin Life Sciences researchers on behalf of Perstorp. The potato yield trials took place in field conditions at three locations with different soils, during the 2017 and 2018 growing seasons in the Zakrzew, Lublin region.

New Perstorp fertilizer solution shown to increase potato yield by up to 22
%. Photo -Perstorp

Slawomir Michalek, PhD of Lublin University, who leads the research, is confident in the potential for this new fertilizer solution. “Our team is studying the impact of different foliar fertilizers to compare their effect on the crops. After three years of studies, it is clear that Amicult K42 has a significant positive impact on potato yield compared to other foliar fertilizer components,” he notes.

Martina Håkansson, business development director at Perstorp, concurs. “This work demonstrates the potential for Perstorp Amicult K42 as a water-soluble, chloride-free potassium source that can work wonders for crop quality and yield. We are excited that the body of evidence in growing around Amicult as the smart way to increase profitability, improving crop yield and water use efficiency”, she adds.

Perstorp, a global leader in the specialty chemicals market, entered the fertilizer market with the launch of Amicult K42. The chloride-free and water-soluble potassium source are ideal in a wide range of fertilization and irrigation methods, thanks to its high solubility and safe handling. In foliar fertilization, the high uptake, high solubility and liquid form ensure that it’s an optimal tool for increasing crop yield.

The product’s low deliquescence point means that Amicult K42 is suitable for fertilization in dry periods. The absence of chloride helps to ensure that there are none of its associated adverse effects in crops. Amicult K42 is well-suited to drip irrigation, due to its high solubility, which helps maintain efficiency in irrigation systems. The solution poses minimal risk to the clogging of drip irrigation pipes so that potassium uptake is efficient over the hole field. Since Amicult K42 is a low salt index product, adding new salination problems to the soil is also reduced.

Amicult K42 is initially available in Brazil, Chile, and US through Perstorp direct sales and in Europe through Perstorp direct sales and Perstorp’s storefront.


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