Red Gold Tomatoes launches its promotional campaign in India

Tomatoes boost immunity and restore the body’s microelements and minerals

Red Gold Tomatoes launches its promotional campaign in India
Red Golden Tomatoes from Europe has launched its promotional campaign in India for the first time

A hectic lifestyle, irregular working hours, lifestyle diseases, and now the ongoing pandemic threat impacting your health, depleting taste, and nutrition, are indeed challenging times. Fret no more as the world-renowned Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe project has launched its promotional campaign in India to introduce red delicious, nutritious, and juicy canned tomatoes from Italy in India for the first time.

Widely acclaimed and known for their delicious taste and nutrition, tomatoes are ideal for boosting immunity and restoring your body’s microelements and minerals. A single tomato has some remarkable qualities, such as low sugar, low fat, and fewer calories, which make it light. Most importantly, tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, minerals, fiber, soluble protein, and antioxidants such as lycopene, which is highly nutritious, wards off infection, and is good for your heart. So, these canned tomatoes meet the exact nutritional requirements recommended by nutritionists.

Processed by advanced machinery according to the highest European safety standards, European and Italian canned tomatoes are an absolute delight for any consumer worldwide. All kinds of canned tomato products, including whole peeled tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes, are widely used in Europe for sauces for pasta and pizza, even to make desserts, as well as perfect for Indian dishes (chutneys, curries, rice) and other dishes to provide your daily nutrients.

A true art of perfection, for your table
The true art of perfection, for your table

In Italy, a tomato is a bit like a mother always there for you, giving joy and happiness and reassurance, do you good. No other fruit has this kind of strong and unifying symbolic value, especially when we need the warmth, care, energy, nutrition, and abundant sunshine which can accompany us to ensure a wonderful and healthy winter. Whether whole or chopped, European canned tomatoes do not contain salt, pesticides, or any thickening agents.

Red Gold Tomatoes maintain a balance between both health and taste

Speaking on this occasion, Guglielmo Vaccaro, President of OI Pomodoro da Industria Centro Sud Italia, said, “India offers immense potential for our world-famous product. The cuisines and flavors here are unique, authentic, and flavorful, owing to their diversity. Canned tomatoes are a perfect ingredient for preparing scrumptious recipes, and they are always available, both for chefs and home cooks! Just open the can!”

As a concentrated aggregate of beneficial nutrients, Red Gold Tomatoes from Europe gradually dissolve their nutrients during slow cooking and achieve a perfect balance with cheese and vegetable ingredients, providing an ideal blend of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

In the extreme cold, nothing is more heart-warming than a bowl of hot tomato soup! No wonder our members account for the majority of all the processed tomatoes in Italy and nearly all of the whole peeled tomatoes produced in the world.



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