Protinex launches The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan

A public health initiative to address low protein intake among Indian adults

Protinex launches The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan, a public health initiative to address low protein intake among Indian adults. Photo amazon

With an aim to sensitize Indian adults across age groups on the integral role of protein in improving physical health and hence overall wellbeing, Protinex, one of the leading adult nutrition supplements of Danone India, has announced the launch of The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan, an awareness initiative to educate consumers about the importance and role of adequate protein consumption for better nutrition, health, and wellbeing. This is also aligned with Danone’s mission of bringing health through food to as many people as possible and impacting health positively.

Studies conducted in the last few years have indicated the prevalence of protein deficiency in India. However, an equally high proportion of consumers are completely unaware about coping with it and this has led to a proliferation of various issues such as lack of muscle strength, tiredness, and early signs of aging. According to an IMRB survey, 70% of Indians don’t consume adequate protein in their diet, and 93% of them remain unaware of their daily protein requirement. Looking at this alarming scenario, Protinex has launched a 360-degree consumer engagement initiative to improve awareness around protein relevance in daily diets in addition to the established practice of engaging with health care professionals.

The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan reaffirms the brand’s commitment to raising awareness around the issue of poor intake of protein in our daily diet and the role of protein in maintaining good health. The initiative also aims to educate consumers about the right quantity and quality of protein as this is essential for being able to choose the right sources of protein to meet daily requirements.

As a part of the campaign, a series of initiatives have been lined up which includes a film to build awareness about low protein intake, focusing on building conversations around how Indian adults in their hectic life have ignored their own health. In addition to this, Protinex has also developed the nutri calculator available for the use of the public. The nutrient calculator is an easy solution to monitor one’s diet, improve intake of protein and key micronutrients, and will also help Indians check if their daily diet has all important nutrients to improve their strength and immunity.

Celebrating the launch of ‘The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan,’ Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing director, Danone India, said, “The Protinex Protein Abhiyaan is part of our brand’s endeavor to spread awareness around different facets of protein, its role, and importance in our lives. Through this 360-degree multimedia initiative, our intent is to improve understanding, encourage and accelerate the adoption of adequate protein intake among Indian adults. The Nutri- Calculator designed in collaboration with leading nutrition experts will help Indian adults monitor their diets and aim to sensitize them on their daily protein requirements as in the long run, a fitter workforce is imperative for India to become a global powerhouse.”

For more than 60 years, Protinex has spearheaded the cause of adult nutrition in India by providing products and services that are trusted by consumers and healthcare professionals. Protinex has inspired consumers to lead more healthy lives and evoked its consumers to be more proactive and thoughtful about their health.


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