Toppan Holdings acquires Singapore logistics software provider

Keyfields onboard to accelerate expansion of logistics DX business

TOPPAN Holdings Acquires Singapore-based Logistics Software Provider

Toppan Holdings has announced that it has entered into a share transfer agreement with Keyfields, a Singapore-based developer and provider of logistics supply chain management systems. Toppan Holdings plans to acquire 75% of Keyfields’ shares and complete procedures to make the company a subsidiary in February.

With this acquisition, the Toppan Group will be able to strengthen its service offering in the area of digital transformation (DX) for logistics and provide a wide range of solutions that meet increasing demand for logistics warehouse DX in Japanese and ASEAN markets. The Toppan Group aims to create end-to-end solutions and drive development of new business models to expand its logistics DX business in Japan and the ASEAN region.

The Toppan Group has defined ‘digital & sustainable transformation’ as the basic policy for its medium-term plan. Toppan Digital is advancing DX across the Group and taking the lead in driving logistics DX as a core business. AIOI-SYSTEMS. (AIOI-SYSTEMS), which is Japan’s largest provider of digital picking systems and enjoys a leading share of the related global market, joined the Toppan Group in June 2021 and provides operational support services for logistics warehouses. 

The Toppan Group is working to drive digitalization of the entire supply chain, from manufacturing and wholesale to retail and consumers, and to enhance and expand RFID-based traceability systems, digital picking, and other logistics-related solutions. It is also advancing research into sensing, AI, quantum computing, and robotics technologies for the 5G and IoT era.

Keyfields, meanwhile, provides systems that manage every process of the supply chain as well as iLOGON, a solution that links the various systems to deliver end-to-end supply chain management. Keyfields has been selected as the solution provider by government agencies and world leading MNCs and also works closely with the Singapore Government to provide its accredited iLOGON solutions to SMEs to digitalize their operations. 

As one of the leading players in the country’s logistics sector, Keyfields participates in the Singapore Government initiated NTP1 and SGTraDex2 program to streamline and make it easy for logistics companies to integrate with the respective stakeholders in the industry. Keyfields’ logistics supply chain management solutions include systems for warehouse management, transport management, freight management, container management, and container yard management. 

Centered on its Warehouse Management System, Keyfields has built up a broad customer base and accumulated wide-ranging expertise in the logistics, manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce industries in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Keyfields also has an extensive track record in coordinating with ERP and other host systems, warehouse equipment, and robots, and can respond flexibly to customers’ diverse needs.

The Toppan Group views labor shortages and other challenges associated with growth of the logistics market as business opportunities. After bringing Keyfields onboard as a subsidiary, the Toppan Group aims to expand its logistics DX business in Japan and the rapidly growing ASEAN market by fusing the technologies and know-how of the companies to create comprehensive logistics DX solutions. 

Cross-selling and service tie-ups

The Toppan Group and Keyfields will cater to the growing ASEAN market through cross-selling of each other’s solutions. In addition to leveraging Keyfields’ customer network in the ASEAN region to expand sales of AIOI-Systems’ digital picking system, they will take advantage of AIOI-Systems’ Singapore-based affiliate and network of distributors in the ASEAN region to roll out Keyfields’ Warehouse Management System. 

The companies will also advance joint proposals based on an integrated model combining digital picking systems, warehouse control systems, and warehouse management systems.

A new solution will be launched by adding the data analysis functions of Keyfields’ Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System to Toppan Digital’s Loginect, a service that supports analysis and usage of logistics data.

Built around adapting Keyfields’ Warehouse Management System for the Japanese market, the Toppan Group will also drive tie-ups with the digital picking system, Loginect, and its various other logistics DX products to create a Toppan ‘warehouse DX solution’ package that strengthens the foundation of its logistics DX solution business.


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