Altamura Distilleries expands with distribution in Asia

Altamura and Royal Reach Spirits have made a partnership to distribute alcoholic beverages in Asia-Pacific regions

When life hands you lemons enjoy with Altamura.

Altamura Distilleries a distillery of premium spirits from the unique Italian wheat of Altamura, and Royal Reach Spirits a Chennai-based emerging leader in the intercontinental distribution of premium alcoholic beverages have made a partnership to distribute Altamura Distilleries’ spirits in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Royal Reach Spirits, a leader in Asia-Pacific, and to be able to share our products with people in the region,” said Frank Grillo, managing director of Altamura Distilleries. “It is a genuine pleasure to share a bit of La Dolce Vita with cocktail lovers throughout Asia.”

Altamura Vodka

“We are pleased to add Altamura spirits of Italy to our portfolio of more than 20 brands sold in 50 plus countries. From centuries-old names to exciting new entrants like Altamura, and global giants to local legends, we’re building the very best brands out there,” commented Srinivasan Balakrishnan, executive director of Royal Reach Spirits.

“Our goal is to represent the terroir of Altamura. Our vodka is specifically distilled to express the unique character of the famous Italian Altamura wheat. The result is a vodka with a hint of sweetness and earthiness with a bit of a creamy mouthfeel the Italians call morbida,” Grillo commented.

The product is expected to be on market by the end of summer 2022.


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