Aptar Food + Beverage launches Rocket sports cap with Actiph water

A cap with Actiph to meet the increasing demands for safe drinking

Aptar Food + Beverage has launched Rocket sports cap with Actiph water
Aptar Food + Beverage has launched Rocket sports cap with Actiph water

Aptar Food + Beverage is pleased to launch its Rocket sports cap with Actiph water, the first alkaline ionized bottled water in Europe. Rocket redefines beverage packaging safety standards by offering a unique, highly visible, and non-detachable tamper evidence system to the market. The sports cap complies with upcoming sustainability regulations, including the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) directive proposal in Europe.

“Our goal was to develop a cap that meets consumers’ safety and drinking experience expectations while also addressing the increasing demand for companies to offer solutions that include sustainable packaging,” said David Haig, Aptar’s sales director EMEA. “Partnering with Actiph water to combine the Rocket sports cap with its brand speaks to the innovative nature of both companies, where Actiph wants to match the overall consumer experience with the quality of its water.”

Starting with Shropshire spring water, Actiph water applies a process of purification, ionization, and the addition of electrolytes achieving a pH level of 9.0 or higher. “Actiph water is unlike any other water available because of the unique way we produce it and its high alkaline level,” explained Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Actiph water. “It made perfect sense to partner with Aptar, who is leading the way in safety standards and sustainable solutions, to offer a sports cap that is cohesive with the Actiph brand and promises an overall premium experience.”

Aptar Rocket sports cap protects the drinking area from contaminants

In addition to its visible safety, Rocket offers a ‘no-dust’ double-wall lid design that protects the drinking area from external contaminants. A large finger recess and audible closing ‘click’ makes opening and closing Rocket easy and reassuring for consumers. Rocket’s hinge technology offers a wide opening angle, ensuring a lid spring-back effect elimination. Furthermore, Rocket was designed to adhere to child safety standards (BSDA).

To meet upcoming sustainability standards, the closure is tethered to the neck of the bottle. This system ensures the closure and bottle remain connected through its lifecycle. Therefore, it increases the likelihood of the closure being collected and sent through the recycling stream with the bottle.




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