AWA launches its Sustainability Practice

Developing a foundational set of sustainable and circular strategies

Recycling as a sustainable practise. photo
AWA Alexander Watson Associates has launched its Sustainability Practice as part of its AWA Market Research and Advisory Services business — a focus on market research, analysis, business development, customer and market need assessment, and the ongoing understanding and monitoring of evolutions in sustainability, green product & technology and recycling developments across the speciality paper, film, packaging, coating, and converting value chain and the verticals AWA specializes in. Complementing and further focusing AWA’s long-established and respected market research and advisory services activities, AWA’s Sustainability Practice focuses resources and expertise in market research, targeting support and aligning/synergizing/building upon knowledge gaps for companies and organizations across the value chain, including client companies, associations, NGO’s, and strategic partners, on their market research needs related to sustainability, green product & technology, and recycling issues and opportunities. Developing a foundational set of sustainable and circular strategies through our unique understanding of one of the world’s most complex, fast-growing, and interdependent industrial systems.

Strategic Initiative

AWA’s Sustainability Practice has been established to create a further focus, building on current and ongoing knowledge work related to sustainability across the sector. Building on past and present project work and industry support, with reliable, practical market research and industry understanding, the focus and expertise of AWA brings the right questions and market research needs to involve all target verticals in their transition to an ultimately net-zero future.
‘Our AWA Sustainability Practice is a strategic initiative, born from a practical need and subject matter importance, bringing expertise and focus to support clients with market research and information needs, building on and enhancing the market research activities of AWA, as we continue to support the industry and help individual and industry-wide initiatives to create a more sustainable and profitable sector. This initiative and focus will help drive our growth plans, providing the industry verticals in which we specialize with the information, insights and market research needed for our customers to succeed’, says Corey Reardon, President & CEO, AWA Alexander Watson Associates.

AWA – Future plans

AWA is focusing and adding resources to enhance market research, the voice of the customer needs analysis and expertise in the Sustainability Practice, and is planning to expand its capabilities and activities in the future through AWA and AWA Conferences & Events, providing important information sharing and critical networking forums.
Says Corey Reardon, ‘We look forward to working with industry customers and partners to support their market research needs in areas related to sustainability, green product and technology development, and recycling-related data and insights for a greener healthier and more sustainable industry.’


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