Rage Coffee and Nirula’s introduce coffee ice cream Silky Brew

More than 110+ outlets across India will offer the Silky Brew

Rage Coffee
‘Silky Brew’ – a 100% Arabica coffee-based ice cream

To beat the dessert pangs this September, Rage Coffee and Nirula’s are set to infuse and introduce ‘Silky Brew’ – a 100% Arabica coffee-based ice cream with the just right amount of sweetness for coffee aficionados. 

Rage Coffee, a caffeine innovation brand, is India’s first 100% plant-powered coffee infused with six vitamins, packed with premium proteins, and made using 100% Arabica beans sourced from India’s most renowned plantations.

Nirula’s is synonymous with Delhi and Delhiites and their flavors and treats are part of every Dilliwala’s memory. 

Nirula’s ice cream are eggless and 100% milk and cream-based.  They have been launching a new ice cream variant every month since 1977. Nirula’s DNA lies in pure, natural, and gourmet ingredients, processed by hand in artisanal batches. 

This collaboration will witness the coming together of two food brands that share a passion for serving real, natural, and gourmet ingredients.

More than 110+ outlets across Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Patna, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Mohali will be home to ‘Silky Brew’ to ensure customers are able to dive into this delectable delight. 


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