Fedrigoni offers a range of self-adhesives to alcohol market

Manufacturers can offer a wide range of wine and spirit face stocks

Self-adhesive papers that are made from recycled FSC fibers

Fedrigoni self-adhesives North America offers a wide range of premium self-adhesive papers and films, in roll and sheet format, for the wine and spirits market. These stocks are available in different textures and diverse colors and provide high quality performance against wet, cold, ice bucket and humid environments.    

Paper manufacturers since 1888, Fedrigoni continues a legacy of passion, experience and attention to detail. By joining Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, spirit manufacturers can offer a wide range of wine and spirit face stocks including recycled content, alternative fibers and FSC selections. Fedrigoni’s application development team can also help build customized solutions for specific wine and spirits requirements. 

Extended FSC portfolio

Wine and spirits portfolio is primarily FSC-approved. FSC wine and spirit selections include: embossed, felt marked, pearlescent, laid, uncoated, coated, and waterproof and recycled content papers. 

By choosing these products, converters are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests. Fedrigoni can also help converters attain Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, by connecting them with printing alliance groups who lend assistance throughout the certification process.

Recycled content portfolio 

Self-adhesive papers that are made from recycled FSC fibers recycled post-consumer recycled fibers from production waste and textile fibers. Materials must contain at minimum of 30% post-consumer waste to be considered recycled content. Textures and finishes included recycled FSC and cotton, uncoated, felt marked and embossed.

Alternative fibers portfolio

Self-adhesive materials that are made of alternative fibers from annually renewable plants like cotton, linen, bamboo, sugar cane, and hemp or from grass fibers and mineral powder. These materials do not contain any material sourced from trees and are considered tree-free resources. Textures and finishes range from smooth uncoated papers to 100% cotton fibers.

Many of our sustainable wine and spirits papers are offered with Ultra WS. This treatment is particularly suited for white, rosé and sparkling wines as it helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles, bubbles and deformations in the label while in ice buckets and in the event of temperature fluctuations. It also helps to increase the adhesion of the label to glass surfaces in damp conditions.


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