New self-adhesive papers from alternative fibers by Fedrigoni

Innovation in terms of aesthetics, quality, and performance

The Fedrigoni Group is a provider of wine labels and specialty papers for luxury packaging, designer papers, and premium self-adhesive materials. Photo Fedrigoni Group

Milan –  The Fedrigoni catalog has got a new addition – natural self-adhesive papers made from alternative fibers. This is a range that is still growing with new products and varieties. The Fedrigoni Group is a provider of wine labels and specialty papers for luxury packaging, designer papers, and premium self-adhesive materials.

The company says these products meet their customers’ growing demand and are a perfect fit for the group’s mission — to deliver premium solutions that are innovative in terms of aesthetics, quality, and performance. This is the ideal paper for creating high-end labels in the wine, gourmet food, and cosmetics sectors.

The development of these special papers is driven by the search for natural fibers as an alternative to cellulose pulp. These fibers are from plants that grow back every year and residues from different agricultural products, such as cotton, hemp, or sugarcane (bagasse). They can be used alone or in combination with linen or a blend of ECF-certified recycled fibers. 

Fedrigoni’s papers in this area include the Cotone premium paper, made from 100 % cotton fiber and available in various shades. This wide variety of materials and shades is now expanded with a number of new products: various color shades, such as in the case of Eden, which is composed of up to 40% dried grass fibers and is now available in a lighter version, the new Eden Cream; and new materials such as bamboo, straw, and cocoa, which, combined with technologies such as the Greaseproof treatment applied to the paper pulp, achieve a result that is resistant to oils and grease.

These papers have a unique look and offer designers and producers the possibility to innovate. Just like any natural product, they are made even more special by their small differences and imperfections, which sets them apart from mass-produced papers. The materiality, texture, and pleasant look and feel make this a highly distinctive range of papers that add value and do not need any further embellishment, as they stand out in their own right.

With beauty and technical performance in equal parts, there are no limits in terms of printing. Natural papers, all FSC-certified, in versions with special finishes, water-resistant, and suitable for a wide range of uses, from wine, spirits, and beverages to cosmetics and gourmet food.

Bamboo, Eden Cream, Stracciatella, Hemp Extra White, or Wild Straw are just some of the new papers made with alternative fibers that are waiting to become the stars of your creative projects. This synergy between design, material, and texture enhances how the creative idea is communicated and opens the door to new and surprising experiences – high-quality premium papers with a distinctively natural touch, which will add great value to any project.


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