Juustoportti extends juice portfolio in combismile carton pack from SIG

Two healthy juices for kids launched under the Hyvin brand

Juustoportti SIG
Finnish food producer and co-packer Juustoportti has launched two new sugar-free and sweetener-free juices for children in SIG’s unique and highly convenient on-the-go combismile carton pack. Photo SIG

SIG’s combismile filling line is already installed at Juustoportti’s Jalasjarvi production site and was first used in 2020 to launch friendly viking’s premium oat drink range and Hyvin’s yoghurts, fruit soups and protein drinks. Juustoportti will now expand its juice range in combismile with the kid’s juice category.

Whether on a school trip or family day out, children can now experience the convenience benefits of SIG’s innovative on-the-go combismile carton pack, while they enjoy their refreshing Hyvin juice, with a sweetness that comes only from the fruit. With a curved, modern shape with easy-grip corners, combismile offers handy consumption via a paper straw that ensures kids can enjoy every last drop of juice.

Jyrki Vaittinen, advisor at Juustoportti, “Our Hyvin family of juices shows our passion for continually developing products which are better for both people and planet. Choosing SIG’s sustainable on-the-go combismile carton pack for our latest kid’s juices demonstrates our commitment to offering a climate-friendly, yet highly convenient, on-the-go packaging solution for our young consumers.”

Beverage cartons are proven to be one of the most sustainable packaging solutions, created using only paperboard made of pulp from FSC-certified, responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Juustoportti offers the children’s drink market a fully recyclable beverage carton with a low carbon footprint.

Karina Zawadzka, senior marketing manager Poland, Nordics, Russia at SIG, “Our convenient on-the-go combismile carton pack is the perfect solution for Juustoportti’s new range of kid’s juices. Not only will the kids love the delicious natural juice but they will also appreciate the clever design of combismile. Parents looking for only the best for their children can choose a healthy product in convenient and sustainable packaging.”


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