KHS packaging systems at Anuga FoodTec in April

Future-proof and environmental protection

With the InnoPET BloFill ACF-L stretch blow molder/filler block KHS provides a system solution for sensitive beverages in PET bottles that is especially low on space Photo KHS

Dortmund, 3 March 2022, from 26 to 29 April the KHS Group will be presenting its entire portfolio of modern filling technology and environmentally-friendly packaging systems at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany. With its efficient InnoPET BloFill ACF-L block system the systems provider looks to the future of aseptic filling. A further focus will be on the new standard interfaces for communication between KHS machines and customer IT systems. The turnkey supplier also continues to devote itself to saving on resources and protecting the environment with its holistic packaging systems. KHS will be exhibiting at Booth B051 C058 in Hall 5.1 at Anuga FoodTec.

“Efficient and economic filling and packaging processes make great demands of today’s lines and machines,” says Dr Johannes T Grobe, CSO for the KHS Group. “The intelligent KHS systems we’ll be presenting at this year’s Anuga FoodTec satisfy these requirements on all counts.”

For the filling of sensitive beverages in a hygienic environment the turnkey supplier provides an extensive portfolio of environmentally-friendly systems for various container designs and materials. With the InnoPET BloFill ACF-L stretch blow molder/filler block the Dortmund engineering company presents a further development for sensitive beverages in PET bottles that is especially low on space. The new system scores with a multitude of innovations, one being its new switching valve. This controls the volume of the inflow to the actual filling valve and thus permits a total of four different filling speeds. Bottle volumes both large and small with varying viscosities can be perfectly processed on this machinery – with extremely low foaming an added bonus. The filling process is stored in the product recipes; there is no need for manual conversion.This makes for a reproducible filling quality and improves filling accuracy. The result is a stable output of beverages with different properties, in turn boosting efficiency and the flexibility required to fill a wide assortment of products.

Reliable data transfer through new standard interfaces

As part of its Basic Line Monitoring process KHS has developed new standard interfaces for line monitoring and order control. The respective modules facilitate communication between KHS machines and beverage producers’ IT systems. Furthermore, regular updates and new versions ensure a high, reliable quality of data. With this new standardized approach the systems supplier’s and customer’s own IT environments can be connected up to the machines even better and even more economically than before. This renders previously required time- and cost-intensive customized harmonization and programming superfluous.

Environmentally-friendly packaging systems

In addition to its modern filling technology and various digital solutions KHS will be putting its broad range of future-proof packaging systems on display in Cologne. “We’re consistently working to save on resources and use a higher percentage of recycled materials in place of new ones. Our customers worldwide benefit from our over 40 years of expertise in plastic containers for beverages, liquid food and homecare products,” states Grobe. KHS continues to build on its decades of expert knowledge in secondary packaging, too. Film made of up to 100% recyclate can now be used to wrap containers, as can paper or cardboard.

The newly developed Innopack CNP or Carton Nature Packer turns beverage cans into stable packs using toppers or clips made of corrugated cardboard or solid board. Packs of four, six or eight standard and sleek can formats holding between 250 and 580 milliliters can be produced at an output of up to 108,000 containers per hour.

Another packaging alternative is Nature MultiPack. This resource-saving system joins beverage containers together with dots of adhesive to form a stable pack and saves up to 90% in materials by doing away with the secondary packaging. Nature MultiPack is now also available for the high-performance range, with throughputs of up to 108,000 containers per hour possible when running at overcapacity. Depending on the format, the machine manufactures up to 450 packs of four a minute.

Simple retrofits on existing packaging machines

Moreover, KHS offers extensions for existing Innopack machines. The new alternative that wraps beverage cans in paper instead of film is one such retrofit, for instance. Customers can opt for more flexibility by switching between film and paper packaging as required or permanently switch to paper.

Johannes T. Grobe and his team are very optimistic about the upcoming Anuga FoodTec trade show. “We’re looking forward to finally again being able to present our technologies to the expert community in person – while observing all of the relevant hygiene and protection rules, of course!”


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