Mespack opens its door to flexible packaging sector

Innovation and sustainability are pillars guiding the exclusive open day

Mespack is sponsoring an event on plastic pouches from 10-12 May at the World Trade Center in Barcelona
Mespack is sponsoring an event on plastic pouches from 10-12 May at the World Trade Center in Barcelona

On 10 May, within the framework of the plastic pouches event organized by AMI and sponsored by Mespack, to be held at the World Trade Center in Barcelona from 10-12 May, we will open the doors of our facilities in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda to receive the visit of those attending the event.

The visit will consist of a guided tour through the production plants and a series of outstanding corners on recent innovations that we have co-created with customers and partners from the flexible packaging sector, such as Amcor, Dow, Hoffer, Menshen, and ProAmpac.

Through these corners, attendees will have the opportunity to directly learn about the largest equipment portfolio in the flexible packaging industry and our state-of-the-art developments, the digital platform Mespack Athena, customized and integrated turnkey solutions, and everything of which Mespack is capable.

Attendees will learn about Mespack’s equipment manufacturing process with the highest quality standards and factory acceptance testing. Moreover, visitors will gain insight into a project co-created with one of our spout packaging partners, Hoffer, with which we developed the HF Series, machines that horizontally fill the spout and allow for the efficient filling of pre-made spouted pouches. As a result of this platform, we can deliver 100% recyclable mono-polymer hot-filled spouted pouches that feature Hoffer’s Trust-T-Lok fitment.

Mespack is offering a new digital platform to its visitors

During the visit, attendees will have the opportunity to fully discover Mespack Athena, a new digital platform which is designed to work with every Mespack machine. With this platform, Mespack can support customers through data analysis with transparent production dashboards, thus increasing the productivity of their facilities. In addition, to develop predictive maintenance, we will provide better knowledge of the machine and how it operates. A benefit of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is incorporating sensors that give explicit details regarding the machine’s performance under various circumstances, thus providing a more profound level of knowledge that was previously unobtainable.

In regard to recyclable materials, Dow, Menshen, and Amcor will collaborate as well with two corners. In both, attendees will become more knowledgeable about working under the philosophy of Open Innovation and how it allows us to achieve more for the flexible packaging industry and our customers. 

Amcor will present its award-winning AmLite HeatFlex recycle-ready pouch for retort application. Simultaneously, it will be conveyed how both companies accompany their customers on the path to recyclable flexible solutions, hence acquiring knowledge regarding various material structures and equipment that are fully adapted to recycle-ready materials.

PrintPack Show Daily

Furthermore, in connection with the Mespack Innovation Center (MIC), the attendees will see how Mespack industrializes and applies the technology developed at the MIC to the equipment to optimize and improve them for use with sustainable caps and films. In addition, they will learn how Elmedur sealing jaws, bottom jaw cooling with triple point pointer or air cooling on sealing stations can help use recyclable structures. 

Dow and Menshen will share a corner with Mespack at the Mespack Innovation Center, displaying various machines (vertical, horizontal, water-soluble pods, and end-of-line equipment). In addition, customers will learn more about the recyclable stand-up spouted pouch developed together by Dow and Menshen and how we adapted Mespack technology to operate with customized polyethene resins and the Menshen spout. In this sense, Mespack will explain how we are leading the transition toward sustainable packaging by doing weekly tests for our customers and partners and applying all these I+D developments to our current portfolio. 

ProAmpac will lead a corner together with Mespack focused on the co-creation of innovative machinery for state-of-the-art packaging solutions and projects with the Mespack Team’s expertise, together with the most talented technical experts in the flexible packaging industry as well-known CPG brands. Furthermore, exploring the challenges of changing from rigid to flexible to reduce packaging and improve functionality. This is complemented with innovative Mespack projects that will be explained and shared with attendees. 

Mespack belongs to the Duravant Group. We will have a corner that explains Duravant’s equipment solutions and integration capabilities throughout our food processing, packaging, and material handling sectors.

Furthermore, as part of the event’s agenda at the World Trade Center, our managing director, Guillem Clofent, will co-host a conference with other prominent speakers from reputable companies in the industry, such as Dow, Mondi and ProAmpac.

A tour of our factory and participation in the corners will allow visitors to meet us and discover how our solutions can support their projects and needs. During the visit, attendees will be able to question experts, interact with our machinery and team, view demonstrations, and hear success stories.

Organized by AMI, an organization with over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, Plastic Pouches will provide a unique opportunity for international plastic pouch players to discuss the latest technical developments, market evolution, and real business insights with those involved in packaging innovation of the pouch industry. 

Plastic Pouches is one of the few global trade fair venues that emphasize the flourishing pouch and flexible packaging segment, thus providing a meeting point for the industry. The event will feature upwards of 20 exhibitors, over 18 speakers, and more than 10 hours of networking opportunities.


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