NextG Apex to build a sustainable foundation for its products

It drives its consumers through offers on Amazon

NextG Apex brings good offers on its products for the customers
NextG Apex brings good offers on its products for the customers

NextG Apex India is a 360-degree business consulting company that has to build a sustainable foundation for its products and work towards the collective growth of society. Over the years, the brand has helped many businesses grow and expand their operations across India. Their unified application and hands-on approach allow them to observe and identify the gaps in various businesses to make impactful decisions that increase efficiency and drive growth.

The brand is inspired by Mothers & Farmers, who makes healthy meals for their families and provides fresh agricultural products across the Nation, respectively.  

With the arrival of spring and the most enjoyable festive season Holi, FMCG companies are likely to cheer due to covid-induced mobility curbs and restrictions. NextG Apex drives its sales through the largest eCommerce platform, and Amazon provides offers to its consumers across the country.

NextG Apex plans to boost the consumers’ festive mood

“We celebrate Holi when winter ends, and spring arrives when the blooming flowers give tough competition to this festival of colors. The festival also celebrates the beginning of what could be a good spring harvest season. Since the circumstances are much better this Holi, with a positive mood all around due to Covid-19 infections being managed well, we believe there will be good traction from our consumers, which should boost sales around the FMCG industry.” said Amarnath Halember, executive director and chief executive officer, NextG Apex India.

“To celebrate Holi alongside Mamafeast’s big milestone of touching over 5 million consumers across our social media and traditional platforms, we would be offering a massive 25% discount on Mamafeast Peanut Butter and Muesli to boost our consumers’ festive moods further. We would also be offering a 15% flat discount on all our Naturefest products, unpolished dals (500 gram/1kilogram) premium long-grained Basmati rice (1kilogram/2kilogram) packs. This offer will be available on between 17 and 18 March 2022. We are sure our brands will be well-loved this Holi and expect good sales growth,” added Halember.



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