Radico Khaitan launches ‘Triple Eight’ whisky in UFlex–Asepto’s foil stamping aseptic pack

'Triple Eight' is available in 90ml and 180ml sizes

triple eight
Tripple eight whisky in 90ml and 180 ml sizes

India’s largest IMFL maker, Radico Khaitan, has launched its whisky brand Triple Eight in an iconic pack imbibing foil stamping feature manufactured by UFlex-Asepto. Triple Eight whisky aseptic packs launched in Karnataka is the outcome of a packaging partnership between both companies to elevate the packaging standards for the IMFL category products and embellish the packs aesthetically superior unique design blends for brand differentiation.

Ashwani Sharma commented on triple eight packaging

“We are extremely proud to have associated with Radico Khaitan, which is known for quality blended whisky. The packaging will certainly accentuate its class to create an aspiration reach for its customers. While differentiation through unique packaging experience has always been Asepto’s key focus, the steal is the anti-counterfeit quality that is pertinent to prevent the consumption of adulterated liquor—a grave concern for the liquor makers,” Ashwani Kumar Sharma, President & CEO, UFlex-Asepto, said.

Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer, Radico Khaitan, said, “We are extremely happy with the results of this association. This is, in fact, the first time that an alcoholic beverage company has ventured into the foil stamping effects in the aseptic packaging space.”

Triple Eight is a premium whisky, and to cater to the growing demand in Karnataka; it is now made available in 90ml and 180ml sizes. The six-layered aseptic packaging creates room for customers’ experience to get a great taste of classic blended whiskey in the above price range bracket. The premium whisky maker has again gone with the names around their signature style with the number ‘8’.


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