Sidel installs packaging line at Coca-Cola NBC in Nigeria

Flexibility was a key consideration in NBC’s choice of equipment.

Carbonated soft drinks consumption higher than the regional average at 17 liters per head per year, Nigeria. (Unsplash)

Sidel, the complete line solutions provider, has recently accomplished the installation of its Super Combi high-speed, flexible and digitally empowered packaging line at the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC).

NBC is part of Coca-Cola Hellenic, the Coca-Cola Company’s third largest bottling partner, which sells more than 2 billion unit cases each year to 600 million consumers in 29 countries. Nigeria is its most southerly market.

Carbonated soft drinks are very popular in Nigeria, with consumption higher than the regional average at 17 liters per head per year. In June 2022 Sidel installed the Africa region’s first Sidel Super Combi line for carbonated soft drinks (CSD) at the NBC plant in the northern city of Challawa. Capable of bottling speeds of 65,000 bottles per hour, this high-speed combined line was the perfect solution for NBC to meet Nigeria’s booming CSD market.  

The Super Combi solution

The Sidel Super Combi is an all-in-one solution comprising blowing, labeling and filling. This technology is increasingly being chosen by the large beverage companies such as Coca-Cola, that are continuing to invest in the latest high-speed, high-efficiency equipment and have confidence in Sidel’s quality, consistent worldwide standards and continuing innovation.

 “We have built such a strong relationship with Sidel. Over the course of several projects that we have worked on together, Sidel has shown how they truly understand our business. With Sidel at our side, we know we can easily meet demand in this fast-growing market,” says Theodoros Kappatos, engineering group manager, NBC.

Enhanced sustainability

The new Sidel complete line will allow the customer to save energy and resources. The Super Combi can blow bottles using the lowest possible blowing pressure, with water recycling at the transferring stage and a filtration system on the filler. Its Gebo OptiFeed closure feeding solution also has low energy and no air consumption, delivering high quality caps using features that enable smooth cap handling, and that automatically detect cap quality and color.

Superior hygiene

At the beginning of the line, EasyFEED ensures clean conditions with its UV lamps, and a dedusting system for preforms is integrated into the blower. Having installed High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters on the roof, a tight enclosure keeps the filling environment safe, preventing any potential risk of contamination and increasing even further the already exceptional standards of hygiene. The tank, filling valves and piping, which are always in continuous contact with the product, are made with high food grade stainless steel.

Digitally advanced performance

To ensure maximized line performance, NBC has chosen to use Sidel’s Evo-ON software suite. An example of how digitalisation is accelerating in the African marketplace, the Evo-ON system aggregates and analyzes equipment data, offering real-time and pro-active alerts, notifications, customisable dashboards and reports.


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