Focus on flow wrap packaging at Interpack

A white paper on segment from Cavanna Spa

Cavanna is a leading company in flow wrap packaging systems in the food and pharmaceutical products.

Cavanna Spa is displaying its innovative machinery and highlighting its white paper on flow wrap packaging at Interpack 2023. Cavanna is a leading company in flow wrap packaging systems active in the design, production, and global distribution of automatic machines and turnkey systems for single and multipack packaging of food and pharmaceutical products.

At Hall 3 – Stand 3B74, the focus is on the white paper ‘Flow wrap packaging: the most with the least. High protection with low impact’; a technical-scientific publication born from an intuition of Cavanna Spa president Riccardo Cavanna and edited by Politecnico di Torino researchers Beatrice Lerma, Doriana Dal Palù and Ottavia Burello in collaboration with leading players and experts on the subject.

“This white paper,” says Riccardo Cavanna, “Was born with the aim of answering a fundamental question, namely whether it is possible to hypothesize a future for flow wrap packaging. An idea that was born and grew with the awareness that as a packaging industry it is our duty to rediscover the history of this exceptional package by looking at it from multiple points of view, with the aim of enhancing its extraordinary qualities and making it increasingly sustainable at the same time. The road is already traced, what we need to do now is to start a real task force between producers, decision makers and consumers to preserve the flow wrap packaging, today often demonized without considering its history, potential and characteristics. This is a path that must necessarily be taken together: hence the desire to set down in black and white the information and studies contained in the white paper, so as to then create a community that, together, will walk the same path. For this reason, I thank all those who have collaborated, from the researchers of the Politecnico di Torino to the other universities and companies that wanted to participate in the project.”

The publication is made up of different sections: time pills, thematic chapters, stories of companies, voices of people and curiosities about Eco pack; all to get to the point of investigating the existing relationships between flow wrap packaging and sustainability.

“The project,” Cavanna concludes, “has made it possible to create a bridge between universities, the research world and the business world, fostering mutual dialogue and the identification of possible critical issues to bring back to the world of policymakers and the overall supply chain. While eliminating flow wrap packaging would be foolish, given its valuable characteristics, making it increasingly sustainable and planet-friendly is our goal: an urgent mission that calls us all to task.”


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