India’s new biscuit brand – ‘CRAZE’ logs in with 40 varieties

In the first phase, Craze Biscuits will be available in India and in the Gulf countries

Craze biscuit
India's new biscuit brand Craze. Photo muzirizpost

An Indian brand is ready to enter the biscuit market in India which is now dominated by huge international biscuit manufacturers. ‘Craze Biscuits’, which made waves in the Indian biscuit market in the 1990s, after a sabbatical break, promoted by new investors is back in the competition with quality and health benefits. The craze is a brand that was very popular in the ’80s for its taste and was uniquely identified by the jingle done by AR Rahman. Craze later put a stop to the business following a financial crisis. Craze Biscuits are now manufactured from Kozhikode, Kerala, the place where Vasco da Gama landed in India in search of spices. The brand is now acquired by the Azcco Global Group, which has a network of more than 50 supermarkets in Saudi ArabiaKuwaitBahrain, the UAE, and Africa and will be re-launched to the market with more than 40 varieties. In the first phase, Craze Biscuits will be available in India and in the Gulf countries.

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The Azcco Group is owned by Abdul Azeez Chovanchery, a Keralite and expatriate businessman. He steps in with a brand from India from his hometown at a time when the entire world was on a verge of the Covid- 19 lockdown crisis and was struggling even to run existing businesses. Craze Biscuits will be manufactured in an international standard factory in Kozhikode Kinaloor Industrial Park covering an area of 1.5 lakh square feet. It is equipped with world-class machinery and food technology. Abdul Azeez, chairman, said that Craze Biscuits will launch a new variant every three months. Azeez recounted the immense support from the government of Kerala for his idea of investing in the biscuit manufacturing sector in Kerala. The Industries Minister of Kerala P Rajeeve was always there as a benefactor and supported this initiative to happen in Kerala- the state which has been many times criticized for not being investor-friendly.

“The project was first unveiled at the ‘Meet the Investor’ event organized by Rajeeve in October 2021. The minister himself took the initiative to get the permits expeditiously. The approach of the Government of Kerala is to enhance the confidence of those who come to start ventures,” said Abdul Azeez.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will inaugurate the factory next month.


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