Lanxess biosecurity solutions app for farmers and vets

Product selector and volume calculator for efficient application

The app provides access to an extensive document library with technical data sheets, brochures and guidelines.

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has developed a new app for farmers and veterinarians to enable them to protect livestock quickly and effectively in the event of disease outbreaks.

The Lanxess biosecurity solutions app offers a variety of functions that are specially tailored to the needs of farmers and veterinarians:

  • Product finder: With the product finder, users can quickly and easily select biosecurity products suitable for their requirements. This takes into account the portfolio available in their country as well as local animal husbandry requirements and health regulations.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications inform users in real time about disease outbreaks and their development in their respective countries. This allows users to react quickly and protect animal health.
  • Volume calculator: The volume calculator helps you to calculate the optimum dosage of cleaning agents and disinfectants. The correct dosage not only increases the efficiency of cleaning processes but also ensures animal health and compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Document library: The app provides access to an extensive document library with technical data sheets, brochures, and guidelines. Farmers and veterinarians can thus access important information at any time and expand their specialist knowledge.

The Lanxess biosecurity solutions app is now available for iOS and Android devices and as a web app and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store.


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