Sid’s Farm launches in Bengaluru

A D2C dairy brand based in Telangana

Kishore Indukuri, founder and MD, Sid’s Farm

Sid’s Farm, a D2C dairy brand based in Telangana, has announced its launch in Bengaluru and the availability of its products on leading eCommerce sites such as Milk Basket, Big Basket, Zepto, SuprDaily, and Fresh to Home.

The company said Bengaluru with a huge population was a natural augmentation choice for the brand in a consumer-driven city. Initially, the products will be available only through e-commerce sites, serving milk & regular use dairy products such as paneer, curd, ghee, and butter. Sid’s Farm allows customers to choose from cow and buffalo milk and dairy products depending upon their preference.

Kishore Indukuri, founder and MD, Sid’s Farm, said, “It is an exhilarating experience to launch Sid’s Farm in Bengaluru and expand our range from Telangana to Bengaluru. I am optimistic that we will soon capture the eyeballs of residents of the garden city like our patrons in Hyderabad.”

He said, “We are kicking off our venture by serving our superior quality milk and dairy products only through eCommerce sites. We will introduce it subsequently via niche store partners in Bengaluru. Eventually, we want to be directly available to our customers at their doorsteps through our app and our own distribution channel too.”

Sid’s Farm is a dairy fresh brand based in Telangana established in 2016. Their range of products includes skim milk, whole buffalo’s milk, whole cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, cow’s butter, buffalo’s butter, buffalo’s ghee, cow’s curd, buffalo’s curd, and paneer.


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