BL Agro bags naming rights for New Delhi Railway Station

Rights for platforms 14, 15 and 16

BL Agro
Bail Kolhu Platform entrance at NDLS (BL Agro)
BL Agro, a known name in the FMCG segment, becomes the first company to be granted naming rights of the New Delhi Railway Station for platforms 14, 15 and 16. The tenure of the rights with BL Agro is for one year, starting October 2022.
This is the first time that such a tie-up with private players has been made possible. The honour is awarded to reputed businesses or government organisations.
With this agreement, platforms 14 and 15 will be branded as ‘Nourish Platform 14 and 15’ and Platform 16. The one on the Ajmeri Gate side of the station, will be branded as ‘Bail Kolhu Platform No. 16’.
This gives BL Agro the naming rights in the platform area, allowing for panels, billboards, vinyl wrapping, and more, sporting Bail Kolhu’s endorsers Manoj Bajpayee, Pankaj Tripathi, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Nourish’s brand ambassador Shilpa Shetty in the respective platforms.
As per senior railway officials, “This is an innovative and ground breaking concept where license is given for platform branding to a private entity.”
Ghanshyam Khandelwal, chairman, BL Agro said, “It is an appreciable initiative taken by Indian Railways, and I congratulate the ministry for such progressive vision. It indeed is a landmark moment for us and we’re ecstatic to be spearheading it for New Delhi Railway Station.”
Speaking on the strategy, Ashish Khandelwal, managing director, BL Agro said, “We chose Platforms 14, 15, and 16 because the majority of the trains that depart from there are for Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the two states where the bulk of our target audience resides. On average, each platform handles 13 to 23 trains per day, and the number of passengers the entire station gets is over 2 lakhs. It opens for us an unusual window to reach deeper into our target market in an unexplored way.”

Leads Brand Connect

A creative and advertising agency headquartered out of Noida, has conceptualized, created and executed the naming rights of all three platforms in its entirety for BL Agro. This encompasses beautifying the platforms, creating pink cubicles for women, alongside creating experience zone for the brands. It will also take care of the upkeep and maintenance of the branded infrastructure.
Richa Khandelwal, managing director, Leads Brand Connect, said, “Branding of railway platforms has never been done in India, so we get the opportunity to approach the project through an experimental, artistic yet very human lens. LBC and BL Agro have collaborated for a long time, ideating campaigns that broke stereotypes time and again and sparked raging conversations. This gives us yet another chance to do some out of the box thinking on how to brand Platform 16 for Bail Kolhu and Platforms 14 and 15 for Nourish.”


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