McDonald’s Delhi NCR takes the WhatsApp route home

Bidirectional communication for contactless commerce

Image: Jurij Kenda on Unsplash

McDonald’s India in its North and East operations has introduced a WhatsApp based food ordering service for its customers, providing what it claims is a more convenient way to order food online. Customers need to drop a ‘Hi’ on 9953916666 and follow a couple of simple steps to get McDonald’s food items delivered to their doorstep.

Induced by the ongoing pandemic in which footfalls are returning to its outlets slowly, it seems that about nineteen dine-in McDonald’s restaurants are open in the Delhi NCR. In the last several months, the company has divided itself into two-channels. The first is its in-person dining with more than 40 safety checkpoints and what it calls its ‘Golden Guarantee.’ The second is expanding what it calls its convenience channel including takeaways, drive-through, delivery, and an ‘On the Go’ service for customers to place orders while sitting in their cars and orders delivered to the vehicles. The convenience channel is claimed to have already exceeded pre-Covid levels in terms of traffic and sales.

The new WhatsApp service is a part of the convenience channel – an extension of its 100% contactless ordering service. It enables customers to access the menu by scanning the QR code available at McDonald’s restaurants and selecting contactless takeaway or dining-in services.

The ordering process has been devised for ease of use by customers. After saying ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp number 9953916666, customers will receive a menu link on their mobile phones. Once connected, the customer enters a convenient interface for food and beverage selection. Customers can select and order and then enter their number and delivery address. After confirmation of the order, an invoice is sent to the customer’s WhatApp number with the details. The WhatsApp ordering service is available for Delhi NCR residents for now.


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