NextG Apex India launches Naturefest

Naturefest sources the finest grains, cereals and spices from Indian local farmers

NextG Apex India’s newly launched product portfolio, Naturefest
NextG Apex India’s newly launched product portfolio, Naturefest

In a world where most restaurants and almost every home are using processed foods, there is a silent but growing movement of people who are committed to providing seasonal fresh food grown responsibly. One such commitment comes from NextG Apex, a holistic retail sales and marketing company with a track record of nurturing successful brands for over a decade. NextG Apex has pioneered efforts to support organic farmers and bring eaters closer to fresh, healthy staples with its newly launched product portfolio, Naturefest. The newly launched category comprises regular grocery items like organic basmati rice, pulses and spices rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Over the last two years, the farm-to-table concept has gained immense popularity. There are various approaches to this concept, but it ideally comes down to the food prepared using locally sourced or homegrown produce. The ingredients are essentially grown naturally and organically. The Indian farming market was valued at INR 22,516 billion in 2021. According to estimates by IMARC Group, the market is expected to reach INR 41,148.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2022 to 2027.

NextG Apex India believes in building a healthy nation

Amarnath Halember, executive director and chief executive officer, NextGApex India, said, “We are restructuring and diversifying our product portfolio across segments for the Conscious Healthy Consumer. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a massive shift in consumer behavior towards good, healthy eating globally. Therefore, with the launch of this new vertical, we aim to become a one-stop solution for all organic (health and wellness) product needs. We remain committed to our vision of being a medium of consciousness in the worldwide marketplace by promoting, inspiring and supporting true wellness and respect for all living beings and Mother Nature.” 

“While we focus on improving the taste of our products by emphasising their purity when buying NextG Apex products, the customer also contributes to the lives of the farmers and the environment. We hope our brand strikes a chord with the young generation, who are among the most informed and conscious of what they consume. We aim to continue to offer consumers fast and reliable delivery.”

“Nutrition is not only the key to good individual health but also a healthy nation. While the agricultural revolution may have helped resolve the food security crisis in the country, India is still home to the highest number of undernourished people worldwide, which is 194.6 million, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. Delivered straight from the farm to the table, our minimally processed, unpolished dals and rice are packed with all the goodness and freshness, just as nature intended them to be,” he added.

The Naturefest Basmati Rice is minimally processed and packed with nutrients and fibers that take care of nutritional needs and even assist in better metabolism by aiding digestion. The Naturefest unpolished Toor Dal is a powerhouse of protein and iron that can help in growth and development in children, teens and pregnant women. Similarly, Naturefest Urad Dal is enriched with the maximum amount of magnesium and fiber that can keep the cholesterol levels under check.

Naturefest Basmati Rice, Naturefest Toor Dal, Naturefest Urad Dal, Naturefest Moong Dal and Naturefest Chana Dal from NextG Apex are available throughout different cities of India at, Flipkart and Snapdeal.


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