Faraday Ozone launches ozone-based food detoxifier

Ozone-based disinfectant makes food safe from coronavirus

Coimbatore based Faraday Ozone launches Ozodip, a patented ozone-based food detoxifier

Faraday Ozone, a leading manufacturer of ozone generators from Coimbatore, has launched Ozodip, a patented ozone-based food detoxifier. This kitchen product uses ozone, a natural disinfectant, to remove all types of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from the surface of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and other food products like cereals. In addition, according to the company, it also effectively removes high concentrations of residual pesticides and chemicals.

Ozone-based food detoxifier

Ozodip is a compact electrical product that generates ozone from the oxygen in the atmosphere and uses it to detoxify the food. It can be easily fixed in a wall and operated by anyone. It weighs only about 800 grams and requires just about 15 minutes for detoxification. It uses anywhere from 6 to 8W of power. It comes in three finishes (black shiny metallic version, beige shiny metallic version, and stainless-steel version) and at a price range starting from Rs 5999 and can be ordered online will be delivered at your doorstep within a week. According to the company, it does not require any service or replacement parts.

Commenting about this innovative product, K Vivekanandan, managing director, Faraday Ozone, said, “Ozone is the cleanest, safest and the most effective sterilizing agent and its disinfection potential is 3000 times faster than chlorine. In addition, the Ozone technology (used in Ozodip), approved by the US FDA, makes it an ideal product for the job.”

Faraday Ozone has nearly 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing ozone generators for air purification, water and wastewater treatment systems, electrical incinerators, vending machines, and accessories. It has about 15,000 customers for various ozone-based products from over 50 countries.


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