IML Barrier labels for Ella Cappuccino

Extending shelf life and aroma of cappuccino

Oxygen barrier IML labels keep the flavors and aromas of Ella Cappuccino intact
Oxygen barrier IML labels keep the flavors and aromas of Ella Cappuccino intact

Ella Cappuccino espresso capsules are very popular in South Africa. One of the main reasons behind that fragrant success story is Verstraete Barrier IML labels. Thanks to the oxygen barrier IML labels, the flavors and aromas of Ella Cappuccino remain intact for a longer period of time. Verstraete is a world leader among IML label suppliers, producing over 50 million in-mold labels every single day for numerous segments within the packaging industry (dairy, salads and healthcare).

No flavorings or preservatives

If you are traveling to South Africa, it’s the perfect excuse to try an Ella Cappuccino. It’s a blend of roasted liquid espresso and low-fat milk. You will find the fragrant espresso at retailers, in numerous B&Bs, safari lodges and hotels. Some airlines even offer you one during your flight.

“The launch got off to an encouraging start,” says Etienne Pretorius of Polyoak Dairypack Tubs. He worked closely with Star Gate Innovations and Verstraete IML on the development of the Ella Cappuccino capsules. “It’s been a fruitful partnership,” says muses Joe Kaddoum, regional manager for the Middle East and Africa. He also described how Ella Cappuccino retains its typical flavors and aromas. He shares, “The IML oxygen barrier labels prevent oxygen from entering the packaging, thus extending the shelf life and the aroma of the cappuccino.”

“And that doesn’t leave fans of a tasty cup of coffee cold,” adds Pretorius. “Because this packaging doesn’t give oxygen a chance. So, the producer does not need to add any flavorings or preservatives. The result is Ella Cappuccino can now be kept in the packaging for up to twelve months longer.”

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that Star Gate Innovations is more than satisfied with the new coffee capsule. Neil Hellmann of Star Gate Innovations says, “We introduced our Vanilla, Mocha, Classic, and Variety flavors to the South African market in January 2019. Ella Cappuccino is patented and available in packs of 3 capsules of 75 ml. Numerous chain stores have immediately stocked it up. We only produce larger packaging for airlines. This way, our clients can also enjoy their trusted Ella Cappuccino at great heights.”

Hellmann continues, “This is a real ‘on-the-go’ product, all you need is boiling water, or try it over ice with cold water. Simply shake your Ella capsule for 20 seconds, break open the seal, pour the liquid into your cup, and add water. Really easy!”

Shelf life twelve months longer

“Verstraete IML has developed two types of Barrier labels,” Kaddoum explains. “Light and oxygen barrier labels. The latter guarantees exceptional storage qualities of the Ella Cappuccino with a special EVOH layer. This layer reduces the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) value and keeps oxygen out of the packaging longer. This way, the flavors and aromas remain intact for much longer.”

“The cappuccino capsules are completely recyclable,” says Hellmann. “They can be sterilized at up to 118°C without deforming. To withstand the sterilization process, IML labels consisting of a special retort-proof O2 barrier film and custom printing were used. In addition, each capsule guarantees maximum milk frothing when shaken, thanks to the unique foaming device shaped as ambigram of the logo, and is completely empty when poured out. We are proud that our packaging received a gold medal in the food category at the Gold Pack Awards 2018.”

“Our IML technology has also won a few prizes,” Kaddoum adds. “The high performance in terms of oxygen reduction in the packaging earned us the World Star Award 2019. On top of that, we were also awarded as the ‘Best Part Design 2019’ by the In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA).”


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