Sappi Rockwell Solutions launches lidding film

Maintaining freshness for the soft fruit market

Sappi Rockwell
Lidding Film for soft fruits maintaining freshness

Sappi Rockwell Solutions heat seal coating specialist has launched a recyclable, lightweight, heat seal, a lidding film designed specifically for the fresh produce market. 

The highly versatile RockFruit lidding film range provides a strong, peelable seal onto a wide variety of substrates including rPET, aPET, PVC and aPET lined paperboard.

The film can be produced with 30 percent and 60 percent post-consumer recycled content variants to help customers in the soft fruit market reduce their environmental impact and bring them in line with the UK plastic packaging levy scheduled for April 2022.  

Sappi Rockwell –  Freshness is everything

“Reducing food waste and plastic usage is being prioritised in the soft fruit market, but freshness is everything and nothing plays as big a role in maintaining freshness as the packaging,” explained Chris Button, head of Sales at Sappi Rockwell Solutions. “RockFruit has been developed as a direct response to the needs of customers in this sector looking for a sustainable packaging solution that is robust enough to withstand the rigours of the supply chain. This is another step forward to reducing our own environmental impact and that of our customers.”

Sappi Rockwell
Lidding film for rock fruit and soft fruit

RockFruit offers outstanding performance on all lidding machine lines and up to 25 per cent increased impressions per reel. Options include 30 or 60 per cent PCR content and if used without perforations, a high oxygen and moisture barrier to increasing product shelf-life even further.

Sappi Rockwell Solutions Ltd is one of Europe’s major manufacturers of peelable, high barrier and anti-fog lidding films. With over 35 years of experience, Sappi Rockwell Solutions is a well-established business based in Dundee, Scotland and focused on developing unique and proprietary coating formulations to manufacture highly specialised packaging films.


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