Dairy Tech startup Mr Milkman forays into Bengaluru

Over 50 plus milk brands across India have partnered with Mr Milkman

Mr Milkman

Mr Milkman, the fastest-growing dairy tech startup forays into the Bangalore market through its partnership with prominent dairy players and milk brands including Akshayakalpa, HappyMilk, Mathruka, Farm Fresh Organic, and Olemoo. We have also covered a story on Mr Milkman describing how this dairy tech platform has enabled dairy farm to connect with the end consumer.

This association enables the partners to manage their orders and smoothly manage their delivery services. Today, more than 50 milk brands or dairies across India track, sales prediction, reverse logistics of crates, accounting, last-mile delivery through the platform.

The partnership will operate on a revenue-sharing model where Mr Milkman will offer their SaaS platform to the partners who will head logistics of their dairy business, such as production and delivery in Bengaluru.

Mr Milkman’s well-integrated technology will empower its partners with automated processes, enabling them to track subscriptions, revenue, sales growth, payments, and customer consumption patterns. Additionally, the real-time data-driven analytical dashboard will capacitate partners to create distribution channel hubs, managing their transportation, and end-customer delivery.

Furthermore, the delivery application offers features such as order tracking and delivery, inventory management, and reverse logistics for glass bottles. This allows the delivery person to know how much milk to carry and how much to deliver.

The other prominent dairies that have partnered include, MilkMantra, Healthways, Gyan Dairy, Whyte Farms, Binsar Farms Creamery, Mr.Dairy, Mr Milk, PureMilk, Diya Farms, Go4Life, Happymoo, and more for hassle-free operations and smooth delivery.

Samarth Setia, chief executive officer, and co-founder, Mr Milkman, commented, “We are delighted to enter Bengaluru and associate with some of the finest quality dairy brands. Our objective is to improve operational and delivery efficiency for all our partners and enable consumers to subscribe to premium quality unadulterated milk. Understanding their business, we aim to ensure execution of operations in a smoother and more organized manner to help them manage their growth goals.”

Shashi Kumar, founder, Akshayakalpa, said, “The dairy sector in India is vast, for every business to grow; there has to be a rapid escalation in production. To focus on our growth, we require a partner to help us improve logistics and make our operations more efficient, and this association certainly ensures that. Our partnership will guarantee smoother logistics while we accumulate our efforts in providing the best services to our customers.”

Anuradha Pranesh, founder of Mathruka said, “Consumers should be able to order and get delivery of Mathruka’s farm-fresh organic and healthy milk smoothly with least challenges, and also be able to track their payments and order other products. The partnership with Mr Milkman will help our consumers get easy access and help Mathruka to provide better service to consumers.”


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