Mettler-Toledo at Ipack-Ima in Milan

 Modular inspection solutions for food, non-food and pharma

Mettler-Toledo in Milan
At Ipack-Ima in Milan we saw the new Mettler-Toledo inspection system for food and non-food processing and packaging sectors. Photo Packaging South Asia

Mettler-Toledo showed several new product inspection technologies at Ipack-Ima and Pharmintech in Milan. We first visited Roberto Scanu at the Mettler-Toledo stand at Ipack-Ima where we received an overview of the company’s activities and its several inspection technologies which are quite versatile. Scanu also explained that Mettler-Toledo has several other impressive activities such as being a leading supplier of laboratory instruments. He added, “In addition to our versatile inspection technologies, the company’s inspection and reporting software is capable of real-time data analysis making the inspection solutions IoT or Industry 4.0 ready.”

Scanu ProdX Mettler-Toledo
At Ipack-Ima in Milan, Roberto Scanu of Mettler-Toledo explained that in addition to its versatile inspection technologies, the company’s ProdX inspection and reporting software is capable of real-time data analysis making the inspection solutions IoT or Industry 4.0 ready.

The four inspection technologies used by Mettler-Toledo for an extremely wide range of applications are X-Ray which detects a wide range of foreign body contaminants, metal detection, which detects unwanted ferrous and non-ferrous metals, check-weighing for precision weighing, and vision systems for label inspection and more.

For inspection to work in industrial manufacturing environments (for instance food and pharma), it has to be turned into a process where products move on conveyors and in which defects (or unwanted artifacts) are detected and rejected using a suitable reject system.

At Ipack-Ima we saw these technology modules demonstrated in several machines where the focus was to integrate these into smart solutions for manufacturers and packers in the food and non-food processing and packaging sectors. As we saw at both Ipack-Ima and the Mettler-Toledo stand in Pharmintech, all the product inspection solutions are on stainless steel cylindrical rails. These solutions can inspect a wide range of applications.

Ipack-Ima witnessed the first showing of the M34R metal detection system, designed specifically for small and medium-sized products. The new smart SENSE software from Mettler-Toledo provides high sensitivity to metal contaminants with minimal false rejects and is specifically designed for ‘wet’ and challenging applications.

Scanu also showed us the Mettler-Toledo Throat 200 Metal Detector with Automatic Test System (ATS) used for inspecting free-falling products in vertical form fill and seal machines. This system uses multiple ultra-high tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity, helping to maximize sensitivity and detection performance. The ATS undertakes several optimized metal detection tests (detecting ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, and aluminium).

Mettler-Toledo X34C at Pharmintech

At the Mettler-Toledo stand at Pharmintech, we learned that in the pharma industry, detection sensitivity is important. Furthermore, pharmaceutical products need to be tracked and traced and manufacturers need to have processes in place to avoid false rejects to reduce product waste. This was demonstrated to us at the stand with a Mettler-Toledo checkweigher.

Mettler-Toledo check-weigher demonstrated at Pharmintech in Milan Photo Packaging South Asia
Mettler-Toledo check-weigher demonstrated at Pharmintech in Milan
Photo Packaging South Asia

The X34C x-ray inspection system was also showcased at Pharmintech. The system is compact at just 700mm in length and includes an integrated reject system. It can operate at 120 meters a minute, with its 0.4mm diode detector and 100W Optimum Power Generator. The X34C is able to optimize the focal distance which maximizes the probability of detecting small contaminants and helps to reduce the false reject rate.

The system delivers a unique x-ray solution to the market by offering a cost-effective inspection solution for individual pharmaceutical packs, immediately after flow-wrapping or pack sealing. “We are expecting that pharma manufacturers who are typically hard-pushed to fit new equipment into existing lines will love the small footprint of the X34C,” says Mike Pipe, head of Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Global Sales & Product Management.

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