Berry’s SuperCube packaging solution brings success to Kata Food

SuperCube packaging solution is appealing and logistic friendly

Berry’s Superfos made with a highly advanced mold labeling technique has brought success to Kata Food. Photo: Berry Global
Berry’s Superfos made with a highly advanced mold labeling technique has brought success to Kata Food. Photo: Berry Global

The first thing that makes any food tempting and eye-appealing is its visual appearance. This includes the type and style of packaging, colors, and designs. The visual appearance of the packaged food is the first and the foremost reason to attract customers. Next comes the storage space occupancy. If the packaging is not logistic friendly, maximum costs will get incurred in this process. Hence, it becomes essential that the packaging system must fit the buyers, distributors, and retailers’ needs.

Kata Food, a family-owned business based on the island of Sicily, specializes in shipping olives and preserves in oil and pickles to several European markets. For the packaging of these foods, previously, a round pail was being used. However, Fabrizio Salemi, Area sales manager of Kata Food, later realized that the product packaging needed to be modernized with the market’s modernization.

Hence, they shifted their packaging option from a round pail to a square shape. According to Fabrizio Salemi, “We wanted our package to look more attractive and convenient. So, we shifted to the SuperCube bucket, which is square in shape along with a handle for convenient holding. Its overall appearance looks amazing when placed on the shelf.”

Superfos solution will help Kata Food to meet its objectives

This square-shaped pail not only benefits in terms of appearance but also in space efficiency, which provides an advantage for storage and transportation. These square containers relieved distributors and retailers as they were easy to stock. As a result, superstores and hypermarkets started ordering in bulk, thus maximizing sales. 

Berry’s Superfos is highly advanced in the mold labeling technique and has come up with containers adorned with a lady’s head that looks very appealing with eye-catching colors. The company believes that SuperCube packaging solutions will help deliver effective brand differentiation and provide effective logistics benefits. Reducing transportation costs will help companies massively to meet their sustainable objectives. This SuperCube packaging solution used by Kata Food comes in 2.2 liters and 5.2 liters. 

According to Fabrizio, “We believe that our packaging solutions must be different from competitors in the market, which seems very important to rule the market. Hence, every detail has been done keeping the consumer’s interests in mind. And, the color combination used for drawing matches the content perfectly.”


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