Aptar Food + Beverage introduces Tower to its portfolio

It is designed to increase package cleanliness of the chili sauce bottle

Aptar’s new Tower flip-top closure for chili sauce bottles. Photo: Aptar
Aptar’s new Tower flip-top closure for chili sauce bottles. Photo: Aptar

Aptar Food + Beverage is proud to introduce Tower, a dispensing solution designed to increase package cleanliness and improve the consumer experience.

The chili sauces category is a hot-growing market within sauces and condiments. With a worldwide forecasted CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.1% (Euromonitor), this category’s growth contribution comes partly from Millennial and Generation Z consumers’ taste profiles, which demand spicier foods to match their growing curiosity about international cuisines. According to a recent Instacart survey, 74% of Americans eat hot sauce with their food, and nearly half (45%) said they typically dash hot sauce on their food once a week or more often.

From a packaging standpoint, one common consumer pain point Aptar noticed through independent consumer studies is a lack of package cleanliness throughout the product’s life. With today’s standard packaging formats, it is common for products to collect overtime on the closure deck resulting in a ‘crusty’ appearance. This leaves consumers with unpleasant visual and hygiene concerns when using the product.

Aptar’s Tower will improve consumer experience

To combat this consumer challenge, Aptar Food + Beverage is delighted to introduce Tower. Unlike traditional twist-to-open closures used in this format today, Tower leverages a flip-top design. This allows consumers to open the cap without touching or viewing any leftover product residue. Its directional tip also encourages the familiar dashing gesture but reduces the likelihood that the product will collect on the closure.

For a superior consumer dispensing experience and ensured cleanliness, Tower can be combined with Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze technology, which offers advanced and market-proven flow control. Tower is a global product offering currently on the market in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.


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