Freedom groundnut oil 5 liter jar unveiled

The nutty flavor offers various health benefits for making pickle

Freedom Groundnut
Freedom Groundnut Oil 5 liter jar unveiled. Photo Freedom Groundnut

Gemini Edibles & Fats India (GEF India) unveiled their new 5-liter jar of Freedom Groundnut Oil. This new 5 ltr jar is the latest addition to the freedom healthy cooking oil offerings. It has a nutty flavor and offers various health benefits and is preferred for making pickles with traditional flavor and aroma in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The new 5 liter jar for Freedom Groundnut Oil was launched by P Chandra Shekhara Reddy, senior vice-president, Sales and Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils.

Freedom Healthy Cooking Oil believes in offering cooking oils that are high in nutrition and offer health benefits without compromising on the taste and aroma of traditional Indian cuisines. People have a preference for groundnut oil particularly when they make different types of pickles during the summer season and other traditional dishes.  In current times, most people end up buying the commercial store selling pickles due to several reasons like lack of time, and lack of idea on pickle making. But these store-bought pickles generally lack the authentic taste, quality and more importantly the health benefits. Homemade pickles are made using the finest of ingredients and hygienic methods, with the added nostalgic feel of being connected to your loved ones. Making pickles is a family ritual in many homes.  This year, bring home the new 5 liter Freedom Groundnut Oil as your pickle partner.


Speaking about the launch, Reddy, senior vice-president, Sales and Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils, said, “We are pleased to launch the 5 liter jar of Freedom Groundnut Oil which adds more variants to the portfolio. Our focus lies in providing quality products to our consumers and offering specific variants of oils for their varied culinary preferences. Groundnut Oil is the most preferred oil for making pickles in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, primarily due to its unique aroma and flavor of the oil. We have observed that the demand for groundnut oil increases 4 times during the pickle season. The addition of a new 5 liter groundnut oil jar to the Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils basket provides the consumers added convenience this pickle season.”


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