SEI Laser – converting solutions in flexible pouches

Laser scoring, cutting, and perforation of films and laminates

SEI Laser
Laser cut window laminated pouches. Photo Scanvik Packaging

Scanvik Packaging based in Mumbai represents Italian company SEI Laser which specializes in laser systems for scoring, micro-perforation, and window cutting of flexible packaging. SEI based in Bergamo has strong and continuous investment in R&D so that its innovative solutions for the converting industry ensure high performance of the packaging products and provide the modularity of a flexible platform that can be retrofitted on existing laminators and upgraded to suit new requirements. 

Food and beverage and consumer goods producers design effective packaging for the target market taking into consideration the modern consumer’s identity and needs, such as maximum freshness of the product’s shelf-life. SEI Laser’s systems enable innovative solutions such as easy-opening and closing as well as easy-breath, ventilation, and window packaging. Its new line of laser systems are designed for laser cutting, laser scoring, macro and micro-perforation of different materials such as PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE, laminated film, and paper. An important patented feature is the overlapping of laser scoring which enables laser scoring without gaps between two repeats.  SEI Laser’s patented window lamination is gaining high acceptance in Europe as its Cross Web series laser unit can be mounted or retrofitted on any solvent less laminator. 

SEI Laser’s main features are the precise and selective removal of material removal, laser perforating capability, and repeatability of the process. Up to 400 m/min can be reached in Cross Web (CW) laser cutting, laser scoring, and micro-perforation with its proprietary beam steering optics and galvanometric heads depending on the pattern. And, over 500 m/min can be reached in Web Direction (WD) laser cutting, scoring, and micro-perforation with fixed-optics heads. The all-digital process allows rapid changes of work and a significant reduction of downtime and costs. The easy-open solution reduces food waste and environmental impact, a sustainability concern to modern consumers.

Packmaster Cross Web

The Packmaster Cross Web laser provides the flexibility for flexible packaging enable easy-open, window packaging, easy-ventilation, easy-breath, and MAP which are the innovative solutions used in food and beverage, pet food, personal care, and grocery markets. The Packmaster OEM CW is designed for today’s needs in laser cutting, laser scoring, macro and micro-perforation, window scoring of different materials such as PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE, laminated film, and paper. Its specs include web width up to 1800 mm, a CW process speed up to 400 m/min, unwinder and rewinder modules, process monitoring, and easy integration on existing production lines.

SEI Laser
SEI Laser (CW) unit mounted on Solventless laminator. Photo Scanvik Packaging

In-line integration 

Packmaster OEM CW and Packmaster OEM WD are designed to be easily integrated or retrofitted in existing production lines such as on a slitter rewinder, inspection rewinder, or on a solventless laminating machine for its window packaging solution. SEI Laser is the technology partner for the complete resolution of all issues related to the integration of the laser technology in the industry, from small production sites to the high production industrial lines.


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