Vasant Masala hosts vendor conference

Highlights stringent processes in packaging of spices

Vasant Masala
Delegates at the Vasant Masala Vendor Conference. Photo Vasant Masala

Vasant Masala, a leading spices brand, hosted a vendors’ conference themed on the celebration of five decades of excellence, at The Leela Gandhinagar, on 25 December 2022 in Ahmedabad. The event was attended by vendors and suppliers who are associated with the brand by providing material, packaging, machinery, IT services, and logistics.

In the welcome speech, Ashish Bhandari (director-production) spoke on the manufacturing facility that has cutting-edge technology in production and packaging, which helps maintains the spices‘ purity and freshness, matching the company’s motto of’shuddhta aisi, mamta jaisi.’ He highlighted the high-quality stringent processes in the procurement of raw materials, packaging, and delivery of the spices to the retailers.

CMD Chandrakant Bhandari shared the brand’s vision to be an indispensable companion of every kitchen. He mentioned, “It is a great opportunity to meet the vendor partners. They are Vasant Masala’s extended family. This meeting is of extreme importance for all of us as we plan for the future.”

During the day-long event, Vasant Masala showcased the brand’s journey of 50 years, encompassing the brand philosophy created by the founder, sharing its history and major achievements. The company’s expansion plans, financial strengths along with the provisions and the preparedness to meet every challenge were presented by Omprakash Bhandari (director, finance). He shared the company’s direct and indirect social activities for the needy and the underprivileged.

The brand has a strong presence across Gujarat, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh with a robust distribution channel. Unveiling the current market share of packaged spices, Rajkamal Bhandari (director, Sales and Marketing) said there is immense scope for the packed spices market. He shared Vasant Masala’s plans to increase its market share by entering into new markets and launching new products. 

Speaking on the international presence of Vasant Masala, Nirmit Bhandari (director – International Business) said the company exports its products to many countries and plans to increase its global footprint too. The board advisor to Vasant Masala, Devendra Shrimal, shared the larger vision of the brand and its future growth plans.

The delegates were honored with a memento along with a brand kit, followed by a guided tour of the plant. The vendor partners appreciated Vasant Masala’s conviction for quality. 

Vasant Masala was founded in 1970 by Bapulalji Bhandari as Vasant Griha Udyog in Jhalod, a small village in Gujarat. The key products include basic spices, mixed spices, whole spices, powdered spices, and hing. Vasant Masala products are exported to the UK, Australia, USA, and Africa.


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