Zetta Farms bags McCain Foods’ potato cultivation orders

McCain sent 32,500 kg potato to farmers for seeding & vegetative propagation

Growpital & Zetta Farms team together

FinTech and agritech startup Growpital has put Rajasthan’s small TaraTara Math village of Barmer on the national map by bagging a big farming project from McCain Foods India. Growpital has bagged a potato production contract across 25 acres of land, which is expected to give employment opportunities to farmers of this village.  

Barmer district lies in the Thar desert on the border with Pakistan. Dry weather and lack of groundwater for centuries had left no choice for the region but to cultivate limited crops such as bajra, chana, and cumin. In recent years, due to innovations in agriculture science and farmers’ hard work, Barmer has started shaping lush fields of vegetables or orchards of fruits. McCain Foods’ potato production project is one another such step for the village farmers to bring a paradigm shift in the state. 

Rituraj Sharma, agripreneur and founder of Growpital and Zetta Farms said, “Growpital is working towards reviving the agriculture economy since 2016. Additionally, Zetta Farms was founded by us to democratize farming operations and bring the best practices. We have nearly 2000+ acres of farmland distributed across Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, and Karnataka. We are bringing the best scientific practices with contract farming projects, and providing employment opportunities to farmers with doubling their income.”

He added, “In Barmer district, TaraTara Math village; we did the soil and water test on farmer Vikram Singh’s land; we found it suitable for the potato and signed a contract with multinational company McCain Foods. The company sent 32,500 kgs of potatoes for seeding and vegetative propagation. We also trained over 50 female farmers of the village with the help of Vikram Singh on methods of cultivation of three types of potato – Lady Lolo, Kennebec, and Santana. The expected production after 90-100 days ranges 10-15 times more than the seeding quantity.” 

The startups Growpital and Zetta Farms are envisioning tax-free retail investments in the farming sector and the best farming techniques for sectoral growth by bridging the FinTech and AgriTech platforms in the country. 

Growpital has been working towards reviving the agriculture economy since 2016. Zetta farms were founded by two agripreneurs, Krishnna Joshi and Rituraj Sharma, with the vision to democratize farming operations and bring in best practices.

Growpital is a platform that provides investment opportunities in agriculture projects that generate the highest possible returns while mitigating the risks by strategically diversifying crop plantations and practicing different types of farming. Growpital provides an avenue for investors to directly impact the agricultural industry and at the same time gain modest returns.  

Carefully designed investment options are listed so that the investor’s portfolio gets stronger with each of his investments. The funds and resources are invested by Growpital into diversified farm projects providing them with the right resources and services to mitigate risks and achieve operational goals. Growpital ensures that the amount from the investment option listed on the platform goes to farm projects that are managed by the right team of agriculture experts and skilled farmers. 


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