Pansari Group launches Mojee Syrup in 9 flavors

Expands distribution network and targets HoReCa sector

Shammi Agarwal, managing director of Pansari Group

The Delhi-based Pansari Group — a leading provider of food products such as rice, pulses, flour oil, spices and ready to cook range Indimix — recently launched a new line of product Mojee Syrup for its HoReCa segment customers.

The company, which has a legacy of over 60 years, has also expanded its distribution network to reach out to more customers and ventured into the HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and catering) segment with its spices, seasoning, and syrups.

Shammi Agarwal, director of Pansari Group, talking about his experience in the industry, said, “The industry is extremely fast-paced and has seen significant change throughout the years. We’ve matured substantially over the years. The industry has also taught us a lot. To preserve our position as a market leader in the food business, the company has invested in new technologies and improved its manufacturing methods. In addition, to satisfy consumer demand, we have launched a new line of products, including gluten-free flour and organic spices. We have also expanded our distribution network to reach out to more customers.”

The range of flavors available in Mojee.

Providing a range of food products, its inventory includes rice, Oreal oil, flour (wheat, rice, and millet), pulses, and spices. It is also targeting the HoReCa segment with its spices, Chefys range of seasonings, and Mojee syrups. The company has high hopes for these products and claims these will enhance customers’ eating-out experiences.

The company’s journey began when Shammi’s grandfather established a small shop in Paota, Rajasthan, in 1940 and named it ‘Pansari Ki Dukan’. “When I first joined the company in 2010, I had big plans to take it to the next level and make Pansari Group a brand. We sell our products in over 57 countries across a wide range of categories. Every category requires a distinctive approach to its production process. For example, Oreal oil necessitates the extraction of oil from seeds by cold press and mechanical expeller methods.”

He adds,”To process rice and achieve the best quality end product, we employ a variety of machinery such as a paddy separator, vibration cleaner, and rice whitening machine to make sure our consumers are getting the best quality rice. Moreover, to assure the best quality of spices, we obtain high-grade raw ingredients from reliable vendors and use modern processing procedures to provide high-quality food products to our consumers.”

The Pansari Group used diverse machinery for different products, “Depending on the needs of the product, we use a chakki stone grinder to grind the flour, which helps to maintain the nutrients. The spices are processed using a cryogenic grinding method, which helps to preserve the flavor and fragrance. Similarly, color-sorting machines are used to eliminate waste from pulses and ensure the end product maintains the highest quality,” Shammi said.

The company has facilities in Rajasthan and West Bengal with a manufacturing capacity of over 500 metric tonnes per day, supplying both national and international markets. The prime goal of the brand is to offer high-quality food products at affordable prices.


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