Kindai Bijyutsu upgrades flexo platemaking with Asahi Photoproducts

Water-wash flexo plate to deliver food-safe package printing

Japanese Flexographic Printer Kindai Bijyutsu has upgraded its flexo platemaking with solutions from Asahi Photoproducts
Japanese Flexographic Printer Kindai Bijyutsu has upgraded its flexo platemaking with solutions from Asahi Photoproducts

Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development and a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei, reported that Kindai Bijyutsu, headquartered in Okinawa, Japan, has acquired an Asahi AWP-2530 AA – All-In-One water-wash processor for use with AWP-DEW CleanPrint water-washable flexographic plates. 

The company produces labels and flexible packaging for a wide range of customers in the food industry. While Kindai had already been using water-wash plates, the company chose this solution due to improved performance with the AWP-DEW CleanPrint water-washable flexographic plates, including plate accuracy with precise registration, and excellent ink transfer, reduction in press stoppages due to plate cleaning, and elimination of the need for washout solvents. 

“We are very satisfied with the print quality resulting from our Asahi AWP water-wash platemaking system,” commented Emi Oshiro, chief executive officer of Kindai Bijyutsu, “As well as with the stability it delivers with both our water-based and UV inks. Furthermore, as the need for package printing that is in harmony with the environment increases day by day, this acquisition positions us to deliver the highest quality products with even more reliability.”

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Asahi’s CleanPrint is in harmony with the environment

Asahi’s CleanPrint water-washable flexographic photopolymer plate technology’s ability to deliver high-quality print performance results from its engineered photopolymer chemistry design. The water-wash technology also features a low surface energy plate resulting in fewer press stops for plate cleaning for significantly improved OEE in the pressroom and reducing press waste. These elements make them the most sustainable flexographic plates in the industry. In addition, AWP-DEW CleanPrint plates deliver extremely high-quality print due to their precise registration and ability to provide a perfect printing balance between highlights and solids.

“Kindai Bijyutsu is a pioneer in flexographic printing using water-based inks located in Okinawa Prefecture. The company has installed the AWP water-wash platemaking system to deliver better high-quality, stable, food-safe package printing for its many clients. We are very excited to be working with Kindai to expand the range of applications suitable for flexography and together help grow the flexo business in Japan,” said Miho Ohigashi of the Photosensitive Materials sales department Asahi Kasei Corporation in Japan.


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